Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So, June, a collection of photos

The first month of summer break is in the books.  By now, we are half-way through our time off from school.  No one is complaining about the lack of bedtimes.  Want to watch a movie at 10pm?  I'll make the popcorn.  

We did lots of stuff.  Here's some pics of what we did so you all can keep up.

Soccer finally ended for Ewan and Cale with a league tourney.  Both their teams made it to the final game and both teams lost and were the runner-up.  What a great season for both.  I love that Ewan's team was coached by an excited 20 year old who had a little brother or cousin on the team.  I also loved that the assistant coach who sometimes ran practice did not speak English and a couple of the kids on the team had to interpret for him.  

Cale's team played hard and lost their final game in double sudden death overtime.  Too exciting to watch.

Where are we going?  I don't know, but the girls are dressed, hair done, looking good with their little animal side-kicks.

There was a week where I took the 3 smalls to a different park each afternoon while the big boys had basketball.  They needed to get out of the house.

Also, some failed geocaching happened.

We came back to karate like the prodigal son.  

Kella did a basketball camp, too.

Full dress rehearsals for dance.

Behind the dancing scene.

This boy still cuddled with me.

More dress rehearsal fun.

Kinley and her backstage mom.

Another park day, this time with friends.

Got to watch some DCI groups with these two, before the storms rolled in and we all made for the shelter of our cars.

Painted some kindness rocks.

Rock by Marcus, plate by Kella.

Sent these boys off to Cub Scout camp.

Spend some time at the pool.

Sent Marcus off to the first of 3 camps he would be attending within 2 weeks.  First basketball, then Boy Scouts and finally soccer.

And, that's that.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Happy 4th!

Here we are.  Worn out from staying up late many nights in a row.  And, I finally got a few minutes to myself (kind of) where I can upload pictures and do a quick post.  

This year's 4th was me and the 4 youngest kids.  Andy, Marcus and Cale are at Boy Scout camp this week.  Actually, Andy had to leave camp and work a baseball game on the 4th.  Yea for work.  

We started the day with the 4th of July parade.  I love our not-so-small town parade.  We sit right by the library, a whole whopping 10 minute walk from our house.  The kids love going, because they are guaranteed to get a bag full of candy-which they did.  
Kinley had a love-hate relationship with the parade.  She loved to go.  She hated that we stopped walking when we got to our spot.  She loved candy.  She did not love all the candy.  She wanted candy.  She did not want to get out of the wagon to get candy.  Typical Kinley.

Happy Birthday America!

Super-simple wind-sockets to decorate outside.  They looked so pretty in the breezes.  

I made time to snuggle with Mr. Orange.  He's really excited for the 4th of July.

We did go to a free fair at a local church.  They had a couple bounce house things and some carnival games.  The kids all managed to win a little something, which made everyone happy.  It was hot and humid-go July in Indiana-that the kids didn't mind only staying for a little while before we went back home to recover in air-conditioning with popsicles. 

And, my finest work.  A deconstructed s'mores that I found on facebook.  Chocolate bars, sprinkle-dipped marshmallows and cooking for 8 minutes at 450.  Done.  Dip  yourself in some graham crackers and prepare for the sugar rush that will follow.  This was our first course for dinner ("dessert" was hot dogs, pasta salad, etc.).  

So pretty.

Kid-tested and approved.  

Dinner was followed by baths, tv and kids that really didn't care about watching fireworks.  In fact, I put the girlies to bed before the fireworks were over.  (Another great thing about where we live is that we can see most of the fireworks from our house.  As the trees have grown, we can't see them as well outside anymore, but can get a great view from our stairwell inside.  Watching fireworks from indoors-no complaints from me.)  

Just nice and simple.  Love it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Let's hear from 4 year old Kinley!

Here's our Q&A session with Kinley.  These answers are her own.

Kinley, what is your...

favorite color?...blue
favorite toy?...kitty
favorite stuffed animal?...cat
favorite thing to sleep with?...blankie
favorite fruit?...cake
favorite cereal? marshmallow cereal
favorite thing to eat for breakfast?...cereal
favorite thing to eat for lunch?...yogurt
favorite dessert?...chicken
favorite drink?...water
favorite birthday dinner?...McDonalds
favorite animal?...lion
favorite book?...(no answer-she likes to be read to at bedtime)
favorite song?...Let It Go
favorite game?...cupcake game
favorite TV show?...Paw Patrol
favorite movie?...Teen Titans
favorite thing to do outside?...play with my best buddy

Who is your best friend?  my best buddy Ewan

What do you want to be when you grow up?  tallest

Here are previous years' answers (3yrs old and 2 yrs old) that were filled in by myself and some of the sibs.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy birthday Kinley! 4 years old!

We celebrated Kinley's birthday on Kella's birthday.  Let's face it-almost 4 year old Kinley was not going to wait till her actual birthday to open her presents.  I'm sure there will be some point in the future where we won't have the girls' birthdays together, but I have a feeling it will not be anytime soon.  2 extra days is a long time in to wait in a little person's life.  
Here's  my littlest birthday girl-ready to have some fun.

Also, for her birthday week, Kinley ended up on breathing treatments again.  Our very favorite doctor is keeping track of these events. Totaling them up for some time in the future when we may have to do more.  But, not today.  And, when we went to see out doctor at the end of the week for a check-up, turns out that Kinley had an ear infection, too.  Kinley took her antibiotic like a champ after a heart-to-heart with our favorite doctor.

Birthday party day.
Opening presents.  Kinley is still at that age where she will open one presents and want to play with it before considering opening up another presents.  Definitely makes that special, fun time last longer.

And, the cake.
Kinley and her Mickey Mouse cake decorated by Grammy Pammy.  First, Kinley wanted a unicorn cake.  Pinterest and I had some great ideas for the design until we went to the craft store and saw this cake pan.  Change of plans.  And, the cake looks amazing.

The aftermath.
The birthday girl, snuggling with some of her presents.  

The real birthday.
And, a picture on her actual birthday.  

Kinley's pics with her Mommy and Daddy are to be continued....sixth kid, you know.

Monday, June 12, 2017

let's hear from 6 year old Kella!

Here are the yearly questions posed to Kella.  Let's see how this year's were answered.

Kella, what is your favorite....

stuffed animal?....flamingo
thing to sleep with?....blanket
fruit?....strawberry and watermelon
cereal?....frosted shredded wheat
thing to eat for breakfast?....bacon and eggs
thing to eat for lunch?....McDonalds
dessert?....ice cream
birthday dinner?....hot dogs and pizza (we had hot dogs and brats)
animal?....puppy, flamingo and kitty
book?....books about animals
song?....Flamingo song (one that she made up)
TV show?....Paw Patrol
movie?....DC Super Girls
thing to do outside?....play soccer
Who is your best friend?....Emma
What do  you want to be when you grow up?....dolphin trainer

Here are Kella's 5 year old answers and 4 year old answers and 3 year old answers.  For fun, you can see which answers have changed, and which stayed the same.

Image result for flamingo

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy birthday Kella! 6 years old!

Kella turned 6 on Memorial Day.  She had been looking forward to this day for the entire month of May-like Christmas.  We had a lovely party for her on her special day.
Kella, our resident artist, painted this-two of her favorite things-a flamingo and the number 6.

Ready to have a great party.

Thanks to Daddy, who did the decorations.  He also hid the presents so Kella could find them by using simple clues. The boys do this, so she wanted her turn.

Oh, yeah, something she wanted, a hatchimal-actually, she got everything on her birthday list. It was so cute to see her write it out with her kindergarten handwriting and spelling and hang the list on the fridge.

And, clip-on earrings.  She was so excited to put some on right away.  And, there are tons of super-cute clip-ons to choose from.  Kella got puppy, kitty, unicorn, gummy bear and assorted sweet treat earrings.

Trying to figure out the hatchimal egg.  Not necessarily for impatient birthday girls.

A flamingo scene for her cake.  It's what Kella wanted.  Strawberry cake with strawberry icing and 6 flamingos for the top. 

Happy birthday, sweet Kella!

She had her best friend, Emma, over for her birthday.  Probably the best present.

After-party glow.  Tucked into the rocking chair with some of her presents.

Here is Kella's birthday list.  Happy to say, she got everything on the list.  (1. hatchimal 2. movie 3. chain (key chain for backpack) 4. candy 5. another chain 6. more candy 7. puppy 8. cat (both stuffed toys, of course) and 9. pool (we did get a kiddie pool to play in))

Kella made a mailbox for her birthday cards.  Clever, creative girl.

Picture with Daddy.

Picture with Mommy.

And, one more.