Monday, May 22, 2017

HHMS Honor Band

Finally, the last bit of the middle school concert, the honor band.  By the time we got to this part of the concert, my phone was trying to die and I had to record the rest on Andy's phone.  And, then, I had to leave before the last song anyway, because I had to go to work.  The band played 3 songs-"Can't Stop the Feeling", "Try Everything" and "Queen in Concert".  How fun.  And, what a great way to end middle school band for Marcus.  He has really enjoyed being in these bands.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jazz on a Tuesday afternoon

The next two posts are the pieces that the middle school jazz band performed (Marcus is a member).  When this group first started, I thought is was just a "for-fun" group that was meeting after school 2 days a week to learn some jazz and improve their playing skills.  Wrong.  This group of about 20-ish kids went to band contest and won themselves a gold.  Very cool.  Marcus has really enjoyed this experience.  Enjoy.

Jazz Band, song #2

Chameleon arr. Victor Lopez

Thursday, May 11, 2017

More pops music-6th grade style

The next three posts are the 6th grade's band contribution to the concert.  What an improvement from the first concert of the school year.  I know Cale has enjoyed this year in band, rocking on the French Horn.  He has improved so much-I can hear that the occasional times he practices at home.

6th grade band, song #1

6th grade band, song #2