Monday, February 12, 2018

Cale ensemble ISMAA 2018

The french horn trio.  They've come a long way from "A Tiskit a Taskit" (their piece from last year).  It is exciting, at least for me (and probably their band directors, too), to hear their improvement.

Marcus solo ISMAA 2018

Here we go, Marcus's solo piece.  He is playing a level 1 piece which means that it is a piece of the most challenging level.  He is also playing this piece almost immediately after playing in the ensemble that he was a part of.  Needless to say, he was tired.  His band director said that next time they would arrange for better spacing between solo and ensemble pieces.  But, I thought it sounded pretty great, and it reminded me of a lyrical piece with the voice part being the trombone.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Marcus ensemble ISMAA 2018

The ensemble that Marcus was a part of was the next event for our family.  We were able to go home after Cale's solo and have a few hours off before going back for the rest of the day.  A full house for this performance, for sure.

Cale ISMAA 2018

Cale's solo was the first performance for our family on contest day.  I enjoyed getting to listen to Cale play instead of accompanying him on the piano.  Cale played for a total audience of 3-me, the judge and the judge's helper.  It was neat to hear how much he has improved in the past year.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

a blast from the past-Kinley's preschool Christmas program

Oh, about the 3rd week of December, it was time for Kinley's preschool Christmas program.  Kinley and I went shopping for an outfit for her to wear and she picked out a smashing Elsa number, complete with white tights with silver stars and red, sparkly shoes(ala the ruby slippers).  This girl knows what she wants.  Of course, the program was cute.  Kinley's class was reindeer and sang some cute songs.  From where I sat, it looked like she did a good job singing and doing the little movements.  It was sweet to watch the little ones on stage.
Ugh, blurry photo.  Still haven't mastered this new camera.  See if you can figure out which one Kinley is.  All the photos looked like this, so I stopped trying to take any and just enjoyed the program.

Of course I got a picture with my girl after the program was over.

Time for meeting Santa!  We don't make an effort to take the kids to see Santa anywhere else, so this is all they know.  I don't know if Kinley knew what to think at first, but she warmed up to Santa quickly.

Kella was pumped to sit on Santa's lap.  

Even Ewan took a turn. Pretty sure he still believes in the magic.

The real Santa was thankful that what the kids asked for while sitting on Santa's lap were things that were already coming to them for Christmas.  Some punch and cookies rounded out this last preschool Christmas program for our family.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Let's hear from Cale as a 13 year old!

Ha, success! I finally chased down the questions to have Cale fill out thus completing this tradition for another year.  These big kids, though, they don't like to answer all the questions, so we will just list what Cale has answered.

Cale, what is your....

favorite color?
favorite toy?....the X-box
favorite stuffed animal?....panda
favorite thing to sleep with?....nothing
favorite fruit?....banana
favorite dessert?....cake
favorite drink?...root beer
favorite birthday dinner?....steak
favorite animal?
favorite game?....Fortnite
favorite TV show?....Expedition Unknown
favorite movie?....The Greatest Showman
favorite thing to do outside?

So, there you go.  I love some of his answers.  We just saw The Greatest Showman on Sunday night and everyone loved it.  (Even Liam, who was begging to be left at home and Ewan, who I think was a little skeptical of the movie at first.) And, Expedition Unknown encourages that desire to explore and find in people.  We really like watching that show and seeing what crazy things the host is going to do every week.

To compare, here are Cale's answers as a 12 year old, a 11 year old,  and a 10 year old.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

That time in December that Liam had his music program

It's feast or famine over here as far as time I get to make a blog post.  Right now, the kids are all in bed, Andy is still at work and I'm watching Expedition Unknown.  Josh Gates has one of the funnest jobs I know as a person who goes around looking for treasures and historical artifacts.  It's a job that I think Ewan, or, even Cale would be good at.  But, I digress.  

The third grade music program was on a Thursday in early December.  I was fortunate enough to not be working that night so I didn't have to re-do my schedule.  This is the one music program that the 3rd grade will do for the year and they got the "Christmas" one.  It was really more of a winter themed program since it was about weather and snow and snow days.  I'm am very confident that I have seen this specific program performed by one of the other boys.

Here is the crew that I brought with me.  Liam had to wear Christmas colors and festive things.  He was agreeable to wearing a Santa hat, which surprised me.  The girls did a little bit of dress up, too.  Kelly made a Rudolph headband and Kinley wore a Santa hat and her apron.  We must have been baking Christmas cookies before leaving for the program.

There's our boy.  Singing.  

And, he had a speaking line.  He did great!

You know, it's the 3rd grade program.  What can I say.  The kids did well and I always enjoy watching them.  The girls managed to behave for the performance which was probably only a half hour or so anyway.  And, the school reconfigured how they lay out seating for these things which makes it much less crowded in the gym.  All good things.  And, a nice way to start the holiday season.