Thursday, June 21, 2018

our first few weeks of June

We hit the ground running in June.  The first week of June had soccer camp for Kella and Cale, basketball workouts for Marcus and Cale and band camp for our newest band member, Ewan.  Ewan chose to play the tenor saxophone (to our surprise, as we thought he would be a drummer).  He was excited to go the band camp-which was really a 40 min daily class with other saxophone players.  Can't wait to see how he does in the fall.

We are acquiring quite the instrument collection.

We tried to do things to keep busy-one day we painted a bunch of little rocks.

The girls had their dance rehearsal and recital. I got to be the backstage mom for Kella's class.  

A backstage rehearsal pic of Kinley's class.  She is right there on the end.

Also, because, why not, Kinley signed up for karate.  She was excited to join, but only willing to go out when she had her gi.  A girl has to have the right outfit for the occasion.

And, dance recital.  Ballet and tap for both girls.  You can see Kinley in her pretty pink dress.

Kella, right there, in her Elsa dress.

Dance friends.

Kella's tap dance.  She is the third one back.  

Those first 2 weeks of June went fast.  The last 2 weeks are our family vacation.  We are headed out west to the Dakotas and points along the way.  Should be fun and a chance to see more of the United States.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

end of school year time pics

Chillin in our hotel room, waiting for everyone to get ready to eat breakfast and get back on the road.  I have time to actually post.  Here are some of our activities from May.
Dance wrapped up for the year, and, with it, Kinley and my weekly lunches.  We enjoyed eating at our 2 favorite restaurants: Jim Dandys and Applebees.  We pretty much had the menus memorized at each restaurant.

Kinley, helping me with a Mother's Day project for church: a photo booth.

Ewan, dressed up for wax museum day.  His teacher picked the category "outlaws, gangsters and pirates".  Ewan picked Baby Face Nelson as his character.

Kinley had her very last day of preschool.  On to kindergarten!

Academic awards ceremony for Cale.  

I had the privilege to help with Kella's first grade field day.  It felt like forever outside with a group of 7 kids.  In the hot sun.  

Had some great mornings with coffee, snuggling with Jasper, while Kinley watched some television.  We wake up slow in the mornings.

And, last day of school for my middle and high schoolers....

...and my elementary and primary kids.

And, now we are in the midst of our big summer vacation, which I have titled "Expedition 2018".  June will be almost done by the time we get back and we have July to make the most of, too.

Friday, May 25, 2018

We did the Color Run!

Last Saturday, the boys and I participated in a color run as a fundraiser for the band program at our schools.  Basically, this is a run (5K) where at a few different points along the route, you get sprayed with colored water.  Also, at the end, you get to douse yourself with colored chalk.  What a great way to start your day (or end it, since I had worked the night before).  The only true runners in our group were Marcus and Cale.  Marcus actually came in first and Cale came in 4th.  Their times are a mystery since no one was keeping track.  I don't think Marcus even got to run through a finish line ribbon or anything.  Just the satisfaction of a job well done will be his reward.  Ewan finished in the middle and Liam and I came in a respectable not last.  Anyway, I think the boys all had fun.  Afterward, there was a dunk tank where Ewan sunk his future band director twice in a row with a powerful throw.  Some snacks and social time wrapped up our time.  Hope we get to do this again next year!
Before, all clean and crisp.

The aftermath.  Some of them enjoyed the chalk more than others.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

HHMS 7th/8th grade choir 5/22/18-"Journey to the Past"

Song number 2 for the choir Cale is in.  We sure did sit in the perfect spot to see him.  I'm sure Cale was thrilled.

HHMS 7th/8th grade choir 5/22/18-"Touch the Sky"

As worst family historian ever, I am excited to upload the songs Cale's choir did at his choir concert this week.  I love how involved he is in the arts, besides sports, and I hope this is a love he always carries with him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

HHHS Spring Pops Concert 2018

We've been busy, but I managed to find some time to upload the spring band concert.  This is the high school (Marcus) playing.  Audio only.  It's 20 minutes long, so grab some snacks and settle in to listen to some great music.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

3rd weekly update!

Here we go-a little late, but done nonetheless- the 3rd installment of our weekly update. Next week will be missing, since we will be on vacation for spring break.  That just means I will have more photos to share the next week.

Crazy last bits of winter happening here.  This one caused a 2 hour delay and was completely melted by the time the kids came home from school.  

Kella had her music program.  She is 3 in from the end in the front row.  She had a sentence for a speaking part, and did great.

Kinley liked the show and knew the order of the songs and some of the moves.  Kella must have been teaching Kinley these things in the weeks leading up to the program.

We have spent our first week of spring break at home, mostly just hanging out.  It's been raining every day this week which has kept us inside.  The couch is the main hang-out spot and the kids have to share with the dogs.

Got some movie viewing time in.  We watched Ferdinand, the 2nd Jumangi, and The Last Jedi.  

We also got to see our Govin friends.  We had dinner together, and it was wonderful.  And, I took absolutely no pictures.  

There is always work and the school house, and yesterday, I cleared the stage and gave it a nice coating of Murphy's Oil soap.  It was well needed.

And, games!  We finally had a game night last night.  We got 4 games in, of which I won zero.  We started with Labyrinth. 



And, Stack Jack.

It's been a lovely, easy week.  I won't say we have all always gotten along-that would be false.  But, overall, I think the kids enjoy being together.