Friday, August 30, 2013

Park #3

This week we went to another nearby park. This one is right on the reservoir/lake near where we live.  The breeze coming off the water was relaxing.  I really liked sitting in the swing and watching the water. We didn't stay too long, since it was pretty warm out and we had to get back for lunch.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cale, builder of the future

Cale loves to build things. Castles, towers, shapes, vehicles. I love seeing what he creates and try to capture the creation.  I love that he asks me sometimes to take his picture with his creation if he's especially proud of what he's done.  A future as an architect or engineer?

Another week, another park

We were able to take the littles to the park again this week. We live very close to one, but it's a lot more fun to take them to the different ones in the area. It's an unofficial goal of mine to take them to a different park every week. Did I take some pictures? Why, yes, I did.

These are my favorite swings.

Liam got to push Andy on this spinning teacup thing. When Liam rode it, he spun around so fast that it scared him a little. (But, Liam came back for another turn.)

The teeter-totter was a little calmer.

Kinley got to roller blade around with Andy.

Kella played by herself and then with another little girl. She sure does like to climb. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Work night 1, done

Work went well last night. All those new little babes behaved themselves and I didn't get pulled to take a new admit. Kinley was on some of her best behavior for Andy, taking one bottle late evening, throwing up said bottle early a.m., and taking another bottle around 6a.m. Otherwise, she slept like a champ. And, I was able to get a nice amount of sleep to help recover. Next night of work is Tuesday and I know I won't get as much sleep afterward since Andy has a lunch meeting. Bummer. I showed Kinley's picture off to everyone at work. They all thought that she is adorable. Here's what they saw....have a great day!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to "normal"

It's mid-August now, and we are back into what we know as a normal schedule. The kids have been in school now for over two weeks. Andy is done with football two-a-days and goes in to work in the afternoon. And, I'm sitting here typing this at work-my first night back. So far, so good. Andy says that Kinley is sleeping after taking a bottle. The only thing she didn't like was the nipple. But, really, she's had these bottles before. It was good to know that with half the night over with, things are going smoothly back home. I am working in the nursery my first night back with the promise to get pulled if too many of the laboring moms have their babies. Lets hope for a quiet night.

I leave you with a few pictures from the park we went to this week. The kids had a lot of fun. My plan is to make the park a weekly trip.
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tummy time

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the sisters

"Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters."
"Never had to have a chaperone, no sir."
:I'm here to keep my eye on her."
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ewan got promoted

At karate to tonight, the sensei was running the kids through what they would each need to know for their next promotion. I wasn't paying close attention-mostly because I was trying to keep Liam from talking the ear off of a guy who was there just trying to work out (I jumped I after I heard Liam say "I'm stronger than you."). Apparently, the sensei thought that Ewan was progressing nicely and decided to promote him to an orange-striped belt. It's a step-up from his gold belt and shows that Ewan knows most of what he needs to get a full orange belt after a bit more work. It's a nice way to keep Ewan motivated, too. Let's remember that Ewan is 6 years old and has already advanced through several belt rankings. Ewan was so excited. He was getting promoted before his brothers. And, I let him tell Andy on the phone. So happy.

Has to have help tying his belt. Hopefully Ewan can keep this one on better.

In line with his class. See the grin :-)

Congratulations Ewan!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kella @ 2

Here are some photos from the Liam/Kella photo shoot.  Kella was a little harder to work with, probably because I took her pacifyer out of her mouth.  She also did not enjoy walking barefoot on the backdrops.  It took a while, but the photographer did get her smiling.
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweet Baby K had her check-up

Kinley had her 2 month check-up today. I always like taking my kids to their doctor because our doctor is awesome. She takes the time to talk and remembers things from past conversations that we've had at previous visits. I can tell that she loves my kids (Kinley got a kiss from her today) and i love that about her. Anyway.

Kinley is doing great. Her stats are impressive: 24 inches long (97th%), 14 pounds 5 ounces (off the chart and the size of a five month old), and head circumference in the 60th%. Holds her head up like a older baby, too. Kinley got her first round of shots today. I won't lie-its been a rough afternoon. Kinley has been fussy and cranky all afternoon. There have even been periods of straight up screaming. Poor girl. And, yes, I did give her Tylenol.

Two more things: 1. Baby girl had a better late evening. She got a second dose of Tylenol and didn't appear as uncomfortable. She fell asleep around 11pm, being held by Andy and, no lie, she slept until 7 am. Nice break for me, needed sleep for Kinley.
2. For funsies, I just looked up Kella's 2 month stats (22 3/4 inches, 13 pounds 4.5 ounces). Ok.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Liam @ 4

In June, I finally made time to get Liam's 4 year old pictures taken.  I was a little nervous about how he would do.  A year before, I was able to get 1 picture taken of him and he looked unhappy.  This year, Liam did great!  He warmed up quickly to the photographer and was willing to take lots of photos.  Here are some of Liam that I didn't send out, but that are so sweet, I wanted to share them.  Enjoy!

Oh yes, Liam and his beloved blankie.

Liam wanted a picture of him carrying blankie in this crate.
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