Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2A state baseball game

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to the 2A state baseball game to see Heritage Christian play and Andy work. The boys had never been to a baseball game before and they tolerated it well, especially after I bought the ice cream! We stayed for the entire game-7 innings-and Heritage ended up winning=3 state titles for the school this year.
Liam slept almost the entire game. There was a great breeze where we were sitting and the noise level remained constant.
Good seats along the 1st base line.
We were at the Indianpolis Indians stadium.
So, Ewan really liked this I-beam the best. He called it his elevator.

Andy is 3rd from the left in the back. (see his bald head?) It was a fun experience to be a part of.

soccer's is done

Here's Cale on his last day of soccer. He got another trophy to add to his shelf (and the picture is on the camera, but it didn't download to the computer). Cale had lots of fun this season and I can tell that he understands the game of soccer better. He still pretty much just runs in whatever direction the ball is going, but now he understands which goal to kick it into :-). We're taking the rest of the summer off from sports and swim lessons-a nice break, and needed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

reality tv

Been watching a little tv recently....my $250,000 design show ended on HGTV and I was happy to see that the "yellow" team won. I think they had really nice taste on each of their rooms the re-did. I loved wathcing the show and actually made time for it every week. Then, I see on Monday that Jon & Kate are getting a divorce. How sad. I'm a little angry @ Jon b/c said he was "excited" about this new phase in his life. I'm sure. I heard the show is going on hiatus for a few weeks and then will be back, minus one veiwer, me. I just feel bad for their kids. But, then tonight, the Duggars will be on. I like watching them with all their kids. Good tim

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fun @ the library

The summer reading program had it's kick-off @ the library on Monday. They brought in a performer for a concert. Unfortunately, we missed the concert-it was @ 3pm-prime napping time. But, we got to the library in time for the song writing workshop with the artist. The kids worked together to write their own song, focusing on rhyming words and telling a story. The boys, especially Marcus and Cale, had fun, and the guy published the song on his blog. Click here to link to it. The song is called "I need a cat" A neat experience for the library to offer the kids.

Monday, June 8, 2009

our life in sports

Marcus finished up football this week. Thursday was the parent/child game and Andy got there in time to participate. Parents fought a good fight against the small people, but I'm not too sure who won in the end.

Here is Andy, being taken down by the whole football team. He kind of had a Gulliver's Travels experience. Once the kids figured out that by working together they could take down a parent, they swarmed on anyone that had the ball.
The other boys found a hole to stick their hands and sticks in-way to go Cale!
Next photo is from Marcus's week long basketball camp at his elementary school. They did drills and played games the whole week. Marcus even won an award for 3rd place in a basket shooting contest.
Here he is with his football trophy. In the car on the way home, he asked me "What sport am I going to do next? Soccer, T-ball?"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

healthy foods

Two of the questions Marcus asks a lot is "is (fill-in-blank with a food) healthy?" or, "does (whatever) have sugar in it?" I think these come from his YMCA sports and the little lessons they get @ each practice about healthy choices. Today, on the way home from Heritage, we stopped to get some good old McDonald's. I was asking the boys what each of them wanted to drink. Marcus and Ewan both wanted white milk and Cale wanted chocolate milk. Marcus asked is chocolate milk had sugar in it. I told him it had a little, but milk was still a good thing to drink. Well, Marcus started crying (!?). I said "Marcus you can have choc. milk too, if you want." Marcus, still sobbing, "I want Cale to have a healthy drink! Chocolate milk is not healthy!" I could not convince him that it was going to be okay that Cale had picked choc. milk to drink. Oh, he eventually calmed down. I think part of what made him upset was that he was tired and hungry-food fixed that. Marcus didn't ask about the carmel dip that came with his apples. If he only knew :-)

link to rest of May photos

Here is Liam with his new "soft" that Grammy Pammy made. All the boys have one, each a different color. This photo will also take you to the rest of the May photos, except for two that my camera did not download-still trying to figure it out-I don't think it should be this complicated-probably just the operator :-)

From May2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

soccer with Cale

Here are some photos of Cale in spring soccer. He's on a team called the Tornadoes (team cheer: "whoosh"). It's a bit different playing outside-the field is much bigger than the half gym we had for indoor soccer. Cale's team has got to have all the very small 4 year olds on it. They played the red team on Saturday who looked like giants compared to the blue team. Cale really enjoys playing and it's fun to see the boys come home and kick around the soccer ball outside.

Liam-1 month

Liam was one month old last week. He is awake more and definitely looks for Andy when he hears him talk. He also likes when the boys talk to him. At the doctor's office, Liam weighed in @ 12 pounds, 2 ounces and was 23 inches long. He is already in 3-6 month clothes-he was getting too long for the smaller ones. Liam would much rather sleep in our arms than in his bed or bouncy seat, but @ night, when he wakes up, he will eat and go right back to bed (good baby!).