Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cale's birthday

Here are photos from Cale's birthday last Saturday.

We opened presents @ home before breakfast.

Hungry Hippo fun!

Fun times @ Chuck E Cheese. We had Cale's birthday party there with his preschool class.

It's a boy! (again!)

As you may have guessed from the top of the blog, we are having one more baby :-). The ultrasound was yesterday and we were told the baby is a boy. We're happy and Andy's thrilled to have his little man army. Now we just have to decide on a name. Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cale is 4 today!

I guess I don't have a baby photo uploaded to the computer-this one is of Cale @ about 18 mos. He's so much bigger now. He had a great birthday. And while ChuckECheese was hectic, I think he really enjoyed all the excitement. More pictures and hopefully video will be coming soon. I just didn't want to leave this day without mention of my little guy's birthday. :-)
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cale's party

Cale's birthday party is tomorrow (saturday) and I'm pretty sure he understands now that the party is @ Chuck E Cheese and not his preschool teacher's house. I'm pretty sure that most of his class is coming (8 kids). It should be fun/interesting to see how the kids/parents hold up. I've still got to get a few presents for him, bake a cake, goody bags... it's going to be a long day-and I'm @ work right now waiting for 7am!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

1st time @ the movies

We took the boys to see Madagascar 2 tonight. I waited until Andy finally had a free night and I was finally not working. It was a cute movie to see. The boys were great and sat through the entire show. Ewan cuddled up to Andy towards the end but didn't fall asleep. Marcus was ready to go with about 30 mins left, but he was just tired (he went right to bed after drinking his milk when we got home-no complaints). Cale stayed up through the whole thing and fell asleep in the car as soon as we started driving. Since it was their first time @ the movies, I took some pictures. I used the nighttime setting on the camera b/c it was so dark. Never have used that setting before. I guess that's why the photos came out a little different....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

random thoughts from someone up @ 3am

here's some things that have been happening here...

I got a new cell phone :-) Andy dropped his and broke the screen on his phone. Instead of buying a new one, which would have been at least $80, he transferred his SIM card to my phone and I upgraded to a new phone. Well, a new/old one. We like to get the refurbished phones. They usually don't cost anything. I don't know why my cell number was ready for an upgrade when Andy and I are on the same account and got the phones at the same time.

And, kuddos to AT&T for sending my new phone so fast. I ordered it on Wed am and it was delivered Thurs.

Finally got Ewan's 2 year old pictures taken. He was very cute for the first 5 poses and the Cale had to step in to make a total of 7 poses. I don't know why the studios are such a stickler on getting a set number of poses when the kid is clearly done with having their photo taken.

Got the boys one of their Christmas presents early. Andy bought a Wii off of one of his high school atheletes. They didn't want it and really wanted to buy Guitar Hero for whatever system that is. Andy tested the Wii out last night after the boys went to bed. I think it's going to be hard hiding that until Christmas....

Andy's football team won again. They play in regionals next Friday. This game will be much closer to home than the one they just played-3 hours from here. Andy got home @ 2am and had to be back @ the school @ 930 that morning.

that's all for now. back to work for me

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the only halloween pics that i have

this year, i had to work on halloween-no fun and andy had football playoffs. andy's parents came out to take the boys trick or treating. the boys had fun and got a ton of candy that i am now rationing out in what i'm sure they consider an unfair way. so, i only got a few pics of the kids. don't worry, next year there is no way i'm working and i will be taking a ton of photos.
the boys with grandpa-so they're outfits were kind of like psuedo-jedi costumes that i just threw together b/c i figured they would be happy with whatever they got-they were
i said -andy how about you carve pumpkins with the boys while i'm @ work and you can take some pictures. i come home-no pics. why andy? he says-the boys really just kind of stood there, they didn't do a whole lot. i think i would have enjoyed at least one shot of them with the year...