Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy birthday to Andy!

Happy birthday to Andy!  We got to celebrate his birthday on his birthday-which is a big deal for someone who is busy with work during the sports seasons.  Well, Sunday was definitely a day of rest-we didn't even have any soccer games.  We got to spend time together and celebrate this guy who is an awesome husband and father.  Since Andy said he didn't "need" anything, I took some of the kids to Goodwill to find some fun gifts.

Ooo-Life-another game to make the children cry

Cale found this wooden paddle, which was given as a gift, but I think will find it's way to Cale's possession. 

Another random game, a book and a card game.

Trying to guess what great surprise is in store.

A new coffee mug!

Probably, what Andy wanted most was a good steak dinner.  Done.  He got to go to the market and pick out his meat to bring home to grill.  Yes-he had to make his own steak-I wouldn't trust myself with it.

Then, we had pie and watched the latest Star Wars movie, which was another present, and one I know that Ewan was looking forward to.  So, a great night for a great guy.  Andy works hard for us and I'm excited to see what this year brings.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

There's always a first...

Well, it's been a long time coming.  Liam has filled the position of "first child to break a bone in our family", although he will be the first to tell you, "it is a fracture".  Yes, spring break time in Illinois was made extra exciting with a slide down the slide from the tree house to the trampoline and a trip to the ER after putting out his left arm to brace himself for the landing.  This all went down at our friends' house where Andy was visiting.  Fortunately, Liam was in great hand with Andy, who has more experience with broken bones than I do.  I got to get text and phone updates of the excitement since I was home in between work shifts that weekend.  Liam was in a splint for a week before he got this awesome blue cammo cast.  Now, he gets to rock this cast out until the beginning of May, and, if all looks well, will get it removed then.  He is still able to play soccer, run around and be a kid.  But, in school, he does get a "scribe" to write for him since Liam is a lefty and it's his left arm he broke.  Liam is also a left thumb sucker, so it will be interesting to see if he goes back to that habit when the cast comes off.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Senior puppet at LTC

Because I can and because I can't sleep, I present  you with the senior puppet group from LTC.  They clearly did a Gilligan's Island theme.  I thought they did a great job.  I know Marcus had fun being a part of this group.

Friday, April 1, 2016

the sweet freedom of spring break

We are a week into spring break and have tried to fill our days with lots of doing nothing and watching television.  Mission accomplished.  We also filled our days with fun activities and projects.  The next half of spring break contains trips to Grammy Linda and Grandpa Jerry's and a trip to Tennessee.  Not to mention, the Pinewood Derby is coming up next weekend, too. But, for now, here is a photo review of what's been going on.

Leadership Training for Christ was the first Friday and Saturday of spring break,  A fun way to kick off the break, for sure.  They had an egg hunt for the smaller kids on Saturday morning.  We made sure to make it down to the hotel for that fun.

We got to see some puppet skits and Marcus and Cale were in. Marcus's group did a Gilligan's Island skit.

I can't remember the skit Cale's group did.  But, I did upload a video in a previous post.  As Andy pointed out, "most of these skits don't make any sense." 

Ewan displayed his 3D art:  a lego diorama of the battle of Jericho

We watched some skits performed by youth from different churches.

Then, it was Easter.  The bunny keeps it simple here.  Candy, candy and a little game for each of the boys and play-doh for the girls.

The bunny didn't try very hard (or at all) to hide the eggs.

Of course, we have to have sickness on a break from school.  This time, it was Kinley who felt icky with a respiratory virus.

Feelin' better!

Volunteered the boys to weed the preschool playground.  It counts as some service hours for Scouts and makes the playground pretty and makes the boys work.  A triple win.

My project:  artwork for the girls room.  I've almost got all the frames I need for this project.  And, the room is almost done being painted.  You know, since it's been a month since I started that project.  So close.

Finally, the cats are enjoying some cats-only time since Andy and the kids and Ponyo are all in Illinois.  They are living the life relaxing on the warm bed.  They have the run of the house for the next couple days while everyone is gone and I am in and out with work.  

And, that's it for now.  Hoping for a smooth couple work nights and good days of sleep.  And, a safe trip for the fam coming back on Monday.  Then, on to our next adventure.