Monday, March 30, 2009

@ the dr today

Had a dr appt today-just a check-up, everything's fine, weight is the same, blood pressure good, dr was okay with my blood sugars, next appt is next week with an ultrasound scheduled just too approximate this little guy's weight, I think the dr thinks the baby will weigh in over 9 pounds, we'll see, with each delivery our boys' birth weight has increased, have a good day, off to clean and do laundry :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

30 days and counting

Well, there's not much time before the next member of the family decides to show his face. I wonder if folks are wondering how the pregnancy is going and how we're doing? So...
1. I feel pretty huge. But, I'm carrying this baby all in front (just like the others). So, even though it looks like I might be past due, I promise, I measure the right amount of weeks @ the doctor
2. who will now see me every week starting next Monday. This has been another easy pregnancy. I feel sorry for the moms I know who experience morning sickness and other not fun prego stuff. Working has even been okay. I like to say "I'm part irish, I was meant to work hard and have babies." :-)
3. I kind of failed my 1 hour blood glucose test, and then did not pass my 3 hour fasting blood glucose test. This bought me a seat @ a gestational diabetes class=I have to try to remember to take my blood sugar 4 times a day and eat a diet low in carbs and higher in protein. My new mantra="vegetables are free" I get to eat as many of those as I want.
4. Thanks to my new "diet", my face is less puffy and someone told me that I was the only person they knew who looked like they lost weight during their pregnancy.
5. I am in the mood now to throw lots of stuff away. I've also started to paint the bedroom formally known as the "pink bedroom"(it was) a nice blue color with a strip of brown @ the top (pictures when done)
6. The boys know the baby's coming. I don't think it will upset their routine too much. Ewan might be the one most put out by the new guy, but he loves babies, we might be surprised.
7. Someone @ church said "I think it would be a big surprise if this baby didn't have red hair like the others." I said, "I think it would be a bigger surprise if this baby were a girl!"
There's my update and the one belly shot I will post. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the sandbox

From JanFebMar2009
We (and by that I mean Andy), finally finished the sandbox that got started last July. It was a birthday present for Marcus from Grammy Pammy and by the end of fall,the area for the sandbox had been dug out and the frame was assembled. The sandbox sat all winter and last Saturday, we got the sand (64 bags!) to fill the box. The boys love it, especially Ewan. He woke up the other day from his nap crying "Iwant to go outside". I'm glad this project is over, and it's ready in time for summer. If you want to see a few more pictures, click on the one above. :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a new love

Andy has a new love -his new bike. He's been looking for a bike for a while and finally found one he liked on ebay. An extra bonus, the bike was less expensive than comparible ones he found in local bike shops. The bike arrived via UPS on Thursday and Andy and his "helpers" put the bike together.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

another trophy for the shelf

Marcus finished up BB on Saturday. He had a good time playing with the other kids on the team, but I think he was ready for it to be over. (He was also really tired that day, it was a long week.) He got a trophy for his accomplishments, which we added to the "trophy shelf" in the boys' room.

Now Marcus and Cale are in swimming on Wednesday nights. The schedule is a little hectic, since the boys have swimming, change clothes, grab Ewan from the nursery, and go to church, eating in the car on the way. Part of me feels like a bad parent, because this makes for a very long Wednesday. However, now our Saturday mornings are open for us to enjoy (at least until the next round of sports :-)).