Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas with Grammy Linda and Grandpa Jerry

Andy's parents came over this weekend with presents for the boys so they could see them opening the gifts. The boys were excited to tear into the packages-except for Ewan who was engrossed in a movie. When Ewan did decide to join us, he made a beeline for Cale's gifts (0f course). Some tears, some sharing, everyone eventually calmed down and enjoyed the morning. The photo below takes you to the rest of the pictures. :-)

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Preschool program photos

Click on the photo below to see the photos from the preschool program. The boys did great. It was funny watching Ewan dance around on stage when the entire preschool was singing. I did notice Cale singing too, although he wasn't as an enthusiatic dancer.

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Look who's ready for summer!

Ready for summer, or just ready for his mamma to sign him up for swim lessons? Hmm. Or just excited to find his swimwear in the closet?
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Videos from Christmas program

Cale's class (Cale is in the brown shirt)

Another of Cale's class

Ewan's class (Ewan has two little girls in class with him. I guess one was absent)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

this one's a keeper

after many painful (for me) photos the other day, I got the boys to sit in front of the tree tonight. this was the only shot that I took and thank goodness that Ewan sat still for it because he had been moving and turning and I thought I was going to get the back of his, I cancelled my other Christmas card order (it was backed up anyway-ooo not happy about that) and will replace it with this one. hopefully I can still get these out before Christmas!
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Christmas card photo takes 1-5

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Ewan's favorite snack

Ewan has a new fav for a snack. He's really into grape tomatoes! Notice the bulge in his cheek? He would rather eat these than crackers or cheese! What can I say, the boy loves his veggies :-)
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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ooo-I slept through Marcus's bus drop-off again yesterday! My cell phone alarm went off and I promptly shut off the alarm so I wouldn't wake up Cale. Then, I shut my eyes and thought "one more minute..." The next thing I know, Marcus is standing next to me. Thank goodness he knows how to use the key to get in the front door, because both the front and back doors were locked. I guess I win the bad mommy award for Wednesday. Luckily, today is a new day.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Rules of Naming

Thinking about names for baby #4 is a bit of a challenge. I wanted to put out our list (really-my list) of requirements that this name has to include...
1. The first name cannot start with M, C, or E (for Marcus, Cale, or Ewan).
2. The first name cannot end in S, E, or N (again, for Marcus, Cale, or Ewan).
3. The name cannot rhyme with any of the other boys' names (ie Marcus and Lucas).
4. The name has to "flow" with the other names. Meaning: when you say all the names together, one name doesn't stand out.
5. We would prefer the name to have some link to the word "warrior". All our other boys' names do, although, this is the "rule" that I would ignore if needed.
6. The middle name is a family name. I don't know whose yet. And, it has to go with whatever first name we pick out.

Not too complicated, right?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jingle Bells-Cale style

This is Cale's version of Jingle Bells. I'm pretty sure he is using what we call his "bad guy voice". Enjoy!

the tree is up!

We went out Saturday and got our Christmas tree. It's our first not-fake one that we've ever had. Last year, we decided to get rid of our fake tree which probably could have qualified as an antique since it was older than I was. We had to get some new lights too, since I apparently went on a cleaning spree after the holidays last year. The boys helped decorate it and like touching all the ornaments. And, so far, the cats have left the tree alone. One of my ornaments is MIA. I'm hoping it's stuck in the tree somewhere and not hidden in some cat hidy-hole.

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state 2A football game

I took the boys to see Andy's school-Heritage Christian-play in the state finals. They had a good time and as a good mom, I bribed the boys with popcorn and cotton candy to stay in their seats :-)

We got up after ever quarter to look around and walk around.

Then, after the game-which ended at 10pm-we went down to the field to see Andy. We weren't allowed on the field without passes, but Andy found some for Cale and Ewan to wear so they could walk around with him for a minute. Heritage Christian ended up winning 17-14. It was a good game and wasn't decided until almost the very end. Andy got a medal that night and will get a state ring that looks a lot like a high school class ring. I have to say that this ring will be his third from this school for winning or coming in second in state playoffs. I'm hoping I can get a picture of Andy with all his new jewelry. Clicking on the photo below should take you to the rest of the photos from the game.
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