Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cale's fall choir concert 10/04/16

Last week, we got to see the choirs perform in their fall concert.  There were 4 choirs-the 6th grade choir, the 7th/8th grade choir and 2 high school choirs.  They each sang 2-3 songs, with a theme on local and international folk songs for this concert.  Then, all the choirs sang together at the end.  I was able to bring Ewan, Liam, Kella and Kinley with me.  You know, all the people who are able to sit still and be patient and appreciate art and performance.  It's good for them.  We got there an hour early to drop Cale off and snagged some killer seats in the front row.  45 minutes later, I was starting to question how good those seats were as my children started to turn on each other.  But, we made it.  I thought the choir sounded good for a choir that practices during homeroom every day.  And, I think Liam and Kinley liked watching and listening to the music.  Kinley was even "singing" along with the choirs.  And, there were cookies and punch after the program.  Well worth going, then, in everyone's opinion.