Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just some selfie fun.

This little lady loves to take selfies.  We have lots of fun with the camera.

The girls like getting their pictures taken solo, too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kinley goes to preschool

Kinley started preschool at the beginning of September.  This year she is in the Jumpstart class, also known as as the "blue" class.  She goes twice a week for a little over two hours.  Kinley loves going to preschool and loves being done with preschool and coming home.  So far, she has only been in the director's office once for having a Kinley temper tantrum (because she wanted to paint some more).  No one that knows her was surprised that this happened.
First day of preschool.  Sleeping in.  The one day we need to get moving, the child does not want to wake up. 

But, we made it with time to still play in centers.  And, to get a first day pic.

First day went great!  Kinley was a little confused at first and tried to go in her class from last year.  She really loved her yellow class.  

Also in September, the annual field trip to the apple orchard happened.  Andy and I have been on this trip more times than we can count.  And that day was a rough start for Kinley.  She didn't want to go to school.  She didn't want to ride with me to the orchard.  She didn't want her picture taken with her class.  It took a little bit for her to be happy.

Then, she had a apple cider slushie and everything was better.

We got to go on a tractor wagon ride and pick a couple apples.  Kinley is a big apple fan and we ate our apples on the way home from the orchard.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ewan turns 10!

Our Ewan celebrated his 10th birthday a couple weeks ago.  He had been counting down the days to his special day.  He's one of the lucky ones that had to celebrate his birthday on a school night, but we were able to make extra time for Ewan.
Ewan asked for a planet destroyer cake like from Star Wars.  Also, he wanted ice cream in the middle.  I think these kids like to test me to see if I can come through. I did.  Mission accomplished.

A boy and his presents.  We let Ewan open one before school to tide him over.  The other presents he had to find by going on a scavenger hunt-something all the kids like doing.  Then it was time for cake and ice cream.  

With his cake.  It's a very simple version of the death planet, but it was great for Ewan.  The cake held up until we cut into it and then the ice cream core collapsed on itself just like in the movies.

A little bit of light-saber fighting with his new weapon.

Chewbacca came to visit.

being held like a baby-another tradition

and with his momma

Friday, September 16, 2016


I really enjoy the one on one time I have with Liam when I'm driving him to soccer practice.  I love the way his brain thinks and I love hearing what he has to say.  This week I had the privilege to drive Liam to soccer 3 times.  Our conversations in the car were about....

Monday: potential and kinetic energy

Tuesday: he read through department offerings at M.I.T. to see what classes he can take when he goes there #MITbound

Thursday: astronomy, different types of planets, what classifies as a planet, creating your own solar system

Last night, Liam said that he when he grows up, he wants to be a "robot inventor, and archaeologist and a dog sitter".  I think now, he is planning on creating a robot to help watch the dogs.

Andy goes to Liam's parent-teacher conference in a few weeks.  Can't wait to hear how that goes.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stories from my phone-rest of August recap

It is quite the luxury to be able to sit down at my computer and update this poor blog.  And, it's a beautiful day-I have the windows open!  Kinley is chilling in her chair, watching a show and the beasties are all enjoying an afternoon snooze.  And, before I get up and start checking more things off my to-do list, I will tell you what we've been doing recently.

First-karate promotions for all the boys.  We got back into karate after spring soccer and the boys have been working hard these past couple months.  Promotions were mid-August and all the boys did well.  Marcus was nervous that he wouldn't promote, but he did do a great job!  Of course, fall soccer will keep us out of karate until October.  So goes life,
Marcus receiving green belt.

Cale gets his green belt.

Ewan earned his blue belt.

Liam got his orange belt.  He was sooo excited. Since he started so little, he has taken longer to earn each belt.  I say an orange belt at 7 is pretty good.

Some proud boys there.

Kinley gets a lot of alone time with her best friend-Mommy.  This was a day we biked to the coffee shop and had a cinnamon roll.  That was the first day the temps weren't kill-me hot and before the monsoon season started here.  We haven't been out much on our bike.

A random-"what is this plant" picture.  This thing stands to my thigh and was from a mother's day gift from preschool.  I transplanted the whole pot of little wildflowers and this dude has really enjoyed the horrible soil in my flower bed.  Its stem is like a trunk.

Because I like being super-busy and because I knew they would love it-I signed the girls up for dance lessons at a place 10 minutes from our house.  Here is Kinley on her first day.  She loves her teacher and loves to go to class.  Kella does, too.  I just don't have a pic of her in her dance outfit yet.

Some of Kella's writing.  The two girls in the picture are Kella and her cousin Cassie.  Apparently they are party girls.

Here's Ponyo.  It was national dog day.

A typical Saturday at our house comes complete with 4 soccer games at 2 different fields.  Let's see-Ewan plays U10 on the Ravens, Cale U12 Zardes, Liam U8 Sounders and Marcus U14 Sunderland.

And, on Saturday, between 4 games, Andy had time to go to the store and find a dog to adopt.  Because we weren't busy enough already.  His name is Jasper-a 9 month old Viszla mix who was not well loved at his previous house.  Ponyo has allowed him to stay and be the second dog.

A picture Kella drew of me and her.  I love it!  This little girl is a very, very good artist for being 5 years old.  I think Kella drew this as a thank you for finding a dance leotard to wear to class until the backordered one comes in.  And, I got her some nightgowns.  She was in heaven.  (and, I found these things at the consignment store=jackpot)

I think Jasper likes it here.

And, now you are caught up.