Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Kella Elizabeth!

Our little Kella turned 2 on Wednesday!   I don't think she knew the day was a special day until she woke up from her nap to a downstairs decorated with balloons and streamers.

After dinner, and playing outside, we came inside (with an assortment of neighbor kids) so Kella could open her presents.  Andy did the shopping for this birthday, and I think he did a really good job.  Kella got a stuffed fox, some wooden food for her kitchen, little disney princess dolls, a bubble machine and a bubble bucket.  She also got some Dora pjs from Grammy Pammy and Aunt Courtney and family and coloring books from both.

I saw this idea on pinterest.  Andy printed out a paper two and after frosting the cake, I sprinkled the little sprinkle balls all over.  The results look pretty good, I think.

Kella was so excited when she realized that everyone was singing for her.  And, I think she liked sitting in a big kid seat right in front of her cake.

I think she liked it!

After everyone left and the boys went upstairs to bed, Kella finally got to play with some of her new toys.

a bedtime photo shot

Kella with Daddy

Um, Kella thought Andy was going to put her to bed in this shot.  She was. not. happy.

Happy Kella with Mommy. 

Kella at 2:
likes soft animal toys, Dora, bubbles, Bubble Guppies, Super Why, Sesame Street, pacifyers (we call them bo-bos), her blankie, books, bath time with bubbles, the sandbox (and eating sand), candy, snuggling, staying up late, trying to pet the cats, being outside with the big kids, fruit, playing with her toys, being able to go up and down the stairs, shoes

dislikes: going to bed, having sticky hands, having to sit in her stroller at sporting events, not getting her way

Oh my goodness, can this girl talk!  It must be a girl thing, because I do not remember any of the boys talking like she does at this age.  It's fun to see her little personality come out as she gets bigger.
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kid happenings

It's been a busy week here with last things the kids are doing at school.  

Last Friday, Marcus had his recognition ceremony at school.  We knew that he would be recognized for reading 100 books again this year (actually, for the elementary kids, a "book" counts as a certain amount of pages). 
Andy and I were surprised, then, when they called Marcus's name for perfect attendance!  I could have sworn that I have kept him home at least once for an illness this year.  The assistant pricipal thought that was funny.  Of course, I had to have a picture with his reward certificates.
Ewan lost a tooth on Saturday!  This was the first tooth for Ewan to lose.  Ewan actually has both his grown-up front, bottom teeth coming in behind his baby ones.  I think he thought it was cool to have 4 front teeth. We really encouraged him to keep wiggling the loose one.  The wiggling, and a little help from Grammy Linda, and the tooth was out!
Over the weekend, Andy and I were both sick.  I came home from work Saturday morning and felt awful until Monday.  Andy felt crummy Saturday into Sunday.  Lucky for us, Grammy Linda was there to watch the kids. Then, on Tuesday, I had to pick Ewan up from school for being sick and Marcus came home from school and was sick all evening.  I felt especially bad for Marcus, because Wednesday was Pioneer Day for the 4th graders and he had really been looking forward to it.  I was surprised, then, on Wednesday morning, when Marcus popped out of bed, ready to go to school. I guess he wasn't going to miss out.

I don't know if he ended up wearing the hat.  We trimmed the crazy edges down to look more tame.

Marcus made it through the morning.  Andy was a volunteer for this event and ended up signing out Marcus and bringing him home around lunch.  You could tell that Marcus was still not feeling great.  He even took a nap that afternoon.

I don't know when Cale's award ceremony was.  He came home on Wednesday with his award goodies.  Cale also was recognized for reading 100 books again this year.  And, Cale also got a perfect attendance award.  Again, I could have sworn Cale stayed home sick at some point, but I guess I was wrong.  The primary school gave out lawn chairs, of all things, to the kids that got perfect attendance.  The guidance counselor said it's because "they have been working hard all year and now they (the students) can sit back and relax".

One more day left!
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Friday, May 24, 2013

38 weeks

38 weeks as of Friday, friends. This pregnancy has become my fourth longest, beating out Marcus and Kella, my 37-weekers.  I have to say, I'm moving slower now, and, as I write this at work, it seems like this baby is dropping lower as I walk. But, she could have us all fooled and go till her due date.

Every day I check something else off my list of things that needs done before the baby gets here. The little crib is put together, we bought a box of diapers, I found a little coming home outfit, Marcus had his awards ceremony and now I am working through my second to last night of work. I least I am working where I will deliver. :-) Andy said he will have his phone by him tonight just in case :-).


I love this plant!  It looks so great out by out mailbox.  The flowers are such a pretty color, too.  I just wanted to share with everyone.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

last busy spring sports weekend

Saturday was the last day of spring soccer for Marcus and Cale (except for a make-up game for Marcus on Monday).  Their games were followed by a tee ball game for Ewan.  Lucky for us it was sunny and warm out, although Liam was upset about the amount of dew on the grass...

Marcus got to play goalie for this game.  He was super-excited for this chance.

snacks for the fans

Marcus also was able to play some offense.  I honestly can't remember if the team won or not.  I can tell you that during the make-up game, Marcus did score one of the two goals that helped his team to win 2-1.  He was very happy about that.

Cale actually played at the same time at a field not too far from Marcus.  So, at a break, we just moved our chairs over to Cale's game.  Cale played well-his usual aggresive self.  I told Andy that I was happy that Cale didn't get into a fight with another one of the players on his team for continually trying to steal the ball when Cale had it.  Seems like they still needed to work on sharing and passing a little.

You may not be able to tell, but this boy's face is very, very red from playing hard.

Last games=medals/trophies.  U8 (Cale) got a medal.  He told me that his team came in first in their division.  That sounds about right.  I can't remember his team loosing.

Marcus and his team.  They came in a respectable third in the U10 division.   Trophies all around.

On to Ewan's game, where I volun-told Marcus to go out and help with the team by playing catcher.

Ewan, up at bat.  He hit the ball both times-no need for the tee.

"Playing 2nd base"

It was a long morning and I was glad when we pulled into the driveway.  Check one more thing off our spring list.  Ewan's games continue through the first week of June.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Liam's preschool program

Last Thursday was Liam's preschool program.  It's  nice to be done with another year of preschool and not have to make the trip several mornings a week.  This year's theme was different countries.  I feel like I've seen this show before, but I guess if this is your 4th kid through the same program, things are bound to repeat themselves,

Ready traveler, walking in.

Liam saw us in the audience.

Singing with the preschool. "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

One of the props was a giant cut-out airplane.  Liam's class got to sit in it.

Kella enjoyed the show.

Liam's class performed.

Kella tried to take some pictures.

Hmm. The older brothers tolerated the performance.

Liam and his teacher Ms. Robin.

Liam with his preschool certificate.  He has one more year left of preschool and Kella will go next year, too!
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