Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cale's cool project

Check out the cool totem pole that Cale completed for a class project.  He had to make something that tied into a book he was reading for class.  When Cale mentioned totem pole, I envisioned a desk-top size one.  Cale had something bigger in mind.  It took about a week, with some help with learning a new skill-paper mache.  We think it turned out great.  Cale included an eagle, a ghost bear, a wolf and a lightening bolt.  All those symbols were important in the story.  This is probably one of my favorite projects Cale has done.  And, I'm not surprised at the scope of this project from my boy who likes to dream big. Now, it resides in his teacher's classroom.  For as long a she wants it.  Hopefully forever.  

Monday, March 6, 2017

2 points for Liam

In the very last game, Liam's basketball coach worked it out with the other coach to let Liam get an in-bounds pass and try to shoot a basket.  The team was down by, like, 16 points anyway, with not enough time to go to make the score up.  It was so sweet of the coach.  Liam worked really hard in practice to get better this year.  Why is this video sideways?  Why couldn't I figure out how to change it?  Some questions will remain unanswered.  But, we can all enjoy Liam's success.