Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday-I love fall!!!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

My list for this week is just 10 things I'm thankful for/love about fall. Here goes....

1. Cool days/cool nights-I got out my down comforter last night and slept with the windows open to let in that cool air.

2. As a redhead, fall colors fit me best.

3. Apple orchard field trips.

4. Pumpkin patch field trips.

5. Crockpot recipes.

6. Football all the time-high school, college and NFL.

7. Leaves to play in.

8. Almost done having to worry about mowing the yard.

9. Sweaters, jeans, and sandals-my favorite outfit!

10. Fall leads the way to fun activities-Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cale goes to the apple orchard

It's time for the annual preschool trip to the apple orchard. For the past 2 years, Andy got to go b/c I was busy with school. This year, it was my turn. Cale has a blast. We got to ride in a wagon through the orchards and the stop to pick an apple from the tree.

Then, we went inside to see the apples being washed and to see the cider press. Cale loved his apple. He kept jumping up and down and saying "I love my red apple".

We had to get some cider, of course. As soon as we got into the car, Cale wanted to eat his apple. I tried to get him to wait, but he was so upset that I finally said "Go ahead". Then when we got back to the preschool, guess what their snack was-apples!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my problem

I have a problem/obsession. Marcus likes to trade his pokemon cards on the bus. Personally, I feel like he gets taken to the cleaners sometimes, because he's given away some neat cards (did I just write that?) for some not so cool ones (I know). Today Marcus came home with new cards, Star Wars cards. He traded all his pokemon cards (and he had about 10) for some stars wars cards (like 4 cards!) I'm trying to be supportive. I know that Marcus just likes trading cards and doesn't care how many he has of what type. I just know that some other kid cleaned up today! So, I'm going to try and relax about this and just hope that Marcus enjoys what he has.

Friday, September 12, 2008

stats for Marcus

Marcus went to the doctor today for his 5 year old check-up/kindergarten physical. The doctor was thrilled to see him-as always, and was pleased with how he was doing. Marcus currently weighs 58.4 pounds and is 46 and 3/4 inches tall. He is off the chart for his height and weight (by his own admission, he is the biggest kid in his class). Of course, he's pretty much always been off the chart, so he's maintaining his growth pattern. The poor kid had to get 4 shots today. He knew he was getting them and was okay until they stuck him with the first one. I know they sting-esp the MMR. 10 minutes and a sticky toy later (courtesy of the nurse), he was fine and went to school for the rest of the day. The band-aids are still on his arms-he wouldn't let me take them off before bedtime, and he did fall asleep right away.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ten things Tuesday: for Ewan

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Ewan turned 2 on Saturday. It was a nice birthday and there are a couple pictures farther down this post for that day. For this week's thankful list, I was inspired by another thankful list I saw on another site of someone I know (thanks for the idea!) So here are 1fun facts/things that we love about Ewan and are very thankful for!....

1. He likes to cuddle in your lap with his blanket "soft"

2. He tries to repeat the words he hears and it's stinkin cute coming out of his mouth.

3. Right now, he's really loving Vegitales-good taste!

4. He's very willing to give kisses to people he knows.

5. If you follow his bedtime routine, he's quite willing to go to bed.

6. He's a great eater-really enjoying his fruits and veggies.

7. Ewan is very willing to go places and is a good traveler.

8. Ewan loves his brothers and likes to play with them.

9. Ewan just wants to be included. "Me too" is a new phrase we're hearing quite often.

10. We're just very thankful for the addition to Ewan in our family. He's just a good baby (okay, little boy). He likes to be a helper and likes to play and it's fun watching him grow and develop.

From September2008

The photo below will take you to the rest of Ewan's birthday photos. I don't know why linking is so hard for me to get sometimes. Anyway, enjoy!

From September2008

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ewan!

Ewan turned 2 today. I think he had a good birthday. He really liked his new toys and the fact that Grammy Pammy, Grammy Linda and Grandpa Jerry all came to help celebrate. More pictures later, but I just wanted to share this video. We got Toy Story figurines to put on the cake, you can see that he's hold Buzz Lightyear in his hand.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ewan's awesome dance moves

Check out these awesome moves by Ewan. He was dancing to a video that we rank in the bottom 2 for bad acting and low budget. For some reason, the kids love it!?

Cale and Ewan's first day of preschool

Cale and Ewan started school on Wednesday. They go to our church preschool and love it! We weren't going to send Ewan this year because you have to be 2 to go to the Bumblebee class and he wasn't 2 by the start of school, but they only had a few students in there this year and both the teacher and director said it was no problem to send him now. Ewan will just have to repeat one of the preschool years as long as kindergarten start dates stay the same in the state. Cale was very excited to go to "his" school. Now he has a place to go just like Marcus.

Cale's class had to bring a stuffed bear. He chose the biggest one we had to bring to class.

Outside before Cale's class starts.

Ewan, waiting for his class to start, wearing his school "uniform".

Going to class (the start of his preschool experience-long sigh)
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Monday, September 1, 2008

A few pics of the boys and a facelift for the blog

So....what do you think? I was looking @ other blogs today and saw how cute they were with their new backgrounds, so I went hunting too. I thought this one was kind of cute, especially for boys. Not too sure how long I'll keep it up. Now that I figured out that it was pretty easy to change backgrounds, I might have to switch them around until I find the perfect one...(and here my indicision kicks in)

Also, I thought I'd post a recent picture of each of the boys just for fun :-)

Ewan with 2 of his favorite things- his "soft" and Mr. Orange (it's hard to tell who's happier, I know)

Marcus (with his battered blankie)

Cale (really, this was an action shot, he stood relatively still just long enough for my to get this picture-my 2nd attempt)