Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One semester down, one to go....

I'm very excited today and had to share that I took my last test for the semester today. Now, I get time off from school until Jan. 9th! Hopefully, I will be able to relax a little bit and get caught up on things at home. I'll still be studying though, because the day I go back, I have a cumulative med-surg exam. Thankfully, I'm almost done, and that makes me very happy! So much so that I just wanted to share the happiness with everyone! Have a great day!-Tracy

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy birthday #3 Cale!

Cale is one of those lucky souls whose birthday will occasionally fall on a national holiday and this year was his lucky year. We weren't able to go back to Illinois since the high school team Andy works with went to the state championship, so we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving here. After dinner at a friend's house, we celebrated Cale's birthday with cake and presents. Andy's family came over on Friday for an overnight visit. It was nice to have everyone together (and nice since we didn't have to do any traveling!) I'm thankful we have enough room now to have everyone over.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The redheaded warriors celebrate Halloween

For Halloween, the preschool Marcus and Cale attend have a "Miss Spider's Tea Party". It's their way of letting the kids dress up while setting limits on what the costumes can be. The kids get to dress up as whatever insect they want. Upon repeated questioning, Marcus and Cale said they wanted to be grasshoppers. They were very excited about the costumes, which we just made from green sweat suits and green chair foam. M&C both wore their costumes for school, but as soon as we got home, stripped them off. They were too hot! Also, Marcus actively participated in the costume parade without crying or being held by his teacher. We were so proud and caught the moment on tape. Not too much trick or treating happened this year since we had church that evening. That's okay, we'd rather delay the overabundance of candy until next year. I'm throwing in a funny picture of Ewan too-I love how his hair sticks up in this one!

Pumpkin patch field trip

In October, Marcus and Cale's preschool took a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Andy and Ewan went too, since it wasn't that far from our house. The boys had a good time and there was a ton of stuff to see and touch. They each got a pumpkin to take home. Those poor pumpkins weren't treated very well (=like balls) and I think only one made it through the rest of October to Halloween.

Monday, November 5, 2007

September dress-up

Here are a few pictures of Marcus and Cale playing at my friend, Alyssa's, house. She has three girls and lots of dresses to play with. Marcus and Cale do like a good game of dress-up and were excited to try the dresses on. Where was Ewan during this fun? Napping!