Saturday, April 26, 2014

soccer starts

We are moving quickly into our second week of soccer, but here a pics from the first week.  Marcus is playing on a team that travels and was at a different site for his first game.  Andy said Marcus did a great job playing goalie and then defense.  I can't wait to see one of his games.  The other boys did great, too!  Did I mention all four boys are playing soccer this spring?  It was such a nice day for games and we all came away with some sun on our faces..

Ewan plays on the Panthers.  I think their game ended in a tie.

Cale plays on the Dynamos.  They lost 2-1.  I didn't see as much of this game as I would have liked.  I did get to see Cale almost score.  That ball roll right. past. the. goal.  So close!

Even Liam is playing.  He is on the Lions.  He did good playing with the other kids and didn't whine while playing and while taking breaks.  I think he had a lot of fun.  And, he's worn he shirt about 5 times since Saturday!

This weekend is light, with just a game for Ewan on Saturday and Marcus playing on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Midwest LTC 2014

We had Midwest Leadership Training for Christ over Easter weekend.  It's like 4-H for the youth of the church.  Our church helps coordinate the event that takes place at a hotel in Indy.  This year, Marcus and Cale both participated in puppets, Bible quiz, Bible bowl and Bible reading.  There are plenty more events and projects that kids can do that fit everyone's tastes.  It was crazy driving back and forth both days.  (maybe next year we will stay at the hotel...probably not)  Andy was a good sport with driving and getting the kids there on time, especially on Saturday morning for the 8am Bible bowl start. 

 I love this event.  I love that the kids are surrounded by their church family and other church families.  I love that I got to see friends from a church we used to go to when we just had Marcus.  (I recommend finding the LTC near you if you are google-ing the phrase and landed on this post.)
hanging out before the puppet shows

Marcus and Cale's puppet team.  Marcus is the old man puppet up top, Cale is bottom right.  They did great!  They really only had 3 practices because of spring break stuff.  You could hear all their lines and could see all the puppets.

Kella enjoyed the show.

The next morning was Bible bowl and Bible reading.  The bowl came first, but here is Cale doing his Bible reading.  All they had to do was pick a passage of the Bible from the portion that was used in the Bible quiz.  Since this year's theme was "Called Out" and dealt with the life of Moses, there were lots of choices.  The total reading time had to be between 1-2 minutes, which isn't a lot.  Cale read from Deuteronomy 31:1-8 ( I think)-the transfer of leadership from Moses to Joshua.  Marcus read from Exodus 3:1-10, the burning bush and calling of Moses. I have to say, I signed up both the boys for this event, they did not sign up on their own.  I just thought this was a nice intro into reading the Bible in front of people, to read it in front of total strangers. :-)

The Bible bowl team.  I think our church had 4-5 teams total.

The little kids mostly just ran around the convention area while their siblings did their events.  There were usually eyes on them since a good portion of our church family was there working behind the scenes.  Here are Sage, Gabby and Kella:  the triple threat of trouble.  They were pretty cute to watch tear up and down the hallways.  They brought smiles to peoples' faces with their energy.

Sometimes, you just have to take a break.  I think Penny had brought out the M&Ms at this time.

Liam, chilling with his snack.  I really liked these chairs.  I was wondering if the hotel would notice if a few were missing?  Just kidding.  Kind of. 

Till next year, LTC!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy birthday Andy!

Here's to Andy!  His birthday was last Thursday and he got to spend part of it working and doing homework. :-(  But, he did get to spend part of it with his wife and kids who love him very much and are thankful for all his hard work for his family.  :-)

A picture with the just the little one.

Apple pie!  I put some candles down to make a letter "A".  Liam started off the singing of "Happy Birthday"  by saying "a 1 and a 2 and a.." and then ended by blowing out the candles before Andy had taken a breath.  Very cute.

Present time.  Liam was so excited to help.  Preparing for his birthday a week after Andy's?

A new game.  The boys were excited to play this with Andy.  By the next morning, I think everyone had watched a youtube video on how to play this game.

A Superman shirt for our super-man!

A new coffee mug.  The old TARDIS mug had lost its picture...time for a change.

Sherlock season 3 and some new biking gloves rounded out our gifts.  

Happy birthday and I hope your next year is great!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

My Easter present:  a picture with my kids!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

vacation pics, day 3, part 2: the Smokies

Last stop on our trip, the Smokey Mountains.  We will be back.

Kella had the best seat on the hike.

We made it to Cataract Falls!

Good thing the trail was pretty easy, I pushed Kinley in her stroller to the falls.  She liked the trip mostly, then she fell asleep on the way back to the visitor center from sheer exhaustion.

We had a stow-a-way again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

vacation pics, day 3, part 1: the Aquarium

Flat Stanley came along for this visit!
I took a lot of pictures this day, our last day.  So, here's the first part at the aquarium.

moving walkway under the shark tank, very cool

getting to pet horseshoe crabs

Cale and Marcus picked them up!

Liam touched them, too.   His shirt got wet=new shirt for Liam=souvenier for Liam.
peeking through a tank

Don't worry, Ewan's got this.

She is the captain of here vessel.

Poor Kinners was tired and did not enjoy the aquarium as much as her siblings.  She perked up at lunch, though.

Trying for a picture of Daddy with the kids.