Thursday, January 31, 2008

another acrobat?

So, one of Ewan's favorite things to do is climb on stuff. Big shocker there, seeing who his role models are. His favorite things to stand on are chairs (especially rocking ones-sorry Mom) and toys (big or small). Surprisingly, or maybe not, Ewan is actually quite good at balancing on these things.

Here is a pic of Ewan's room. I thought it would be nice to add this for those of you who haven't seen it. Ewan's room was already painted like this when we moved in and it matched the nursery bedding perfectly.
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Sweaters by Grammy

For Christmas, Mom made each of the boys a sweater. I just wanted everyone, including Mom, to see what they looked like. The boys actually enjoyed wearing them. Sometimes, it's hard to get them to wear new clothes, I guess because the clothes are different than what they know. Season changes are always a rough time for us, since we have to convince the boys that the clothing they are used to wearing is not appropriate for the changing weather.
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One extra for Brittini

Brittini-I posted this just for you to download to your computer. Andy will think it's hysterical that I posted this pic and I'm pretty sure no one else we know will get it-Tracy
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Visit from Brittini

In December, our friend Brittini came over to visit-mostly to see the boys, whom she hadn't seen since leaving for college in August. Everyone was excitied to see her, even Marcus-although he wouldn't pose for a picture. It was a great visit and we can't wait to see her again!

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Future acrobats?

Andy wanted me to take pictures of the boys' awesome balancing skills. They love to climb all over their daddy! Cale initiated this whole activity. He has a really good sense of balance. (One of Cale's other favorite places to stand is on the back of the sofa.) At first, Marcus was a little nervous about standing on Andy's shoulders. Once he figured out he could balance up there, he was more relaxed.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ewan's 16 month check-up

Ewan's check-up was this past week and I had forgotten to let people know how big he's gotten: height 34 inches, weight 26 lbs, 11 oz. At this same age, Cale was 33 in tall and 26 lbs, 9 oz; and Marcus was 33.5 in and 29 lbs, 8 oz. Everything was fine at the check-up. The doctor was impressed by the number of words he could say (his list includes "shoe", "goldfish", "cracker", "juice", "go", "cheese", and "thank-you"-which he says as clear as anything). Today, I was trying to get him to say "Go Packers!" since we were watching that game on television. He gets the cadence of the phrase down, it just doesn't sound quite like the words. But, Ewan will clap to the defense or offense cheer, and will shout "go, go, go" when the players are moving on the tv.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Soon, I will post more pictures

I haven't forgotten about this. Our computer is currently under re-construction. We are trying to wipe its memory clean and only have one operating system on it. Anyway, complications have occured and we are waiting to hear if the hard drive is fixable or if we need to just get another one. I'm trying to be patient, but wanted to let eveyone know why new photos haven't been posted for a while. I do have pictures I want to post from December for everyone to see that will be up as soon as I get our computer back. -Tracy