Friday, October 23, 2015

The boys are school pics

Look at these handsome boys!  I sure do love 'em and and am loving watching them grow-even though sometimes, I would like them to stay small. But, we can't stop the hands of time.I could stare a these pictures for hours, taking in all their differences and similarities. Love. Love. Love. So, enjoy these pictures of my redheaded children in their odd numbered grades this year.   And, best of all, they all smiled!  

Marcus, 7th grade

Cale, 5th grade

Ewan, 3rd grade

Liam, 1st grade
(Can I just say I am so glad I have a picture of my little man with his two front teeth missing.  So sweet!)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

quotable Liam

"Look Mom, the sky is a girl." -Liam, age 6

Friday, October 16, 2015

from a long time ago.....

Look what I found saved as a draft.

A long time ago, the Ewan and Liam had a soccer recognition night at a high school soccer game.  The whole family went.  I would say most of the kids had fun.  And the older boys actually watched some of the soccer game.   

Kella made a new friend-a little guy who was in love with her.  We were sitting on the bleachers and I looked over to see this little guy looking up at Kella and Kella looking down at him.  These two ran around together until it was time for Kella to leave.  Young love.

"Look at your mom and look like you're enjoying this soccer game."

More of the buddies.

Marcus, looking happy. He did have fun.

Kinley, crushed that we not give her anymore candy.  Or let her climb a ladder to and observation deck.  Six and half dozen the other.  Everything hurts her the same.

The soccer kids and the soccer team

Liam running out.

Ewan running out.

The tunnel the kids ran through.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

late night, lunar moon

My attempts at taking photos of the blood moon lunar eclipse.  This moon was a tricky subject.  As a good parent, I kept my kids up to see at least a little bit of the eclipse. Cale opted to sleep in the spare room with a clear view of the moon.  I woke him up later in the night to watch more of the eclipse because I thought it was cool (good mom, I know!). I don't know of anyone else around us who was out watching the moon.  I'm sure we looked entertaining, Andy and I, with our phones and camera pointed at the sky.  What a cool thing to see! 

Pretty cool that you can see the advancement, even in the 20 minutes I stood outside and took photos.

Oh, and our night-owl was up and wanted her picture taken, too.