Tuesday, October 15, 2013

school photos 2013

Here they are-the 3 "big boys" school photos!  I may be partial, but I think they're pretty handsome!

Ewan-1st grade

Cale-3rd grade

Marcus-5th grade
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

more happenings

We set up the walker for Kinley
Kella approved

Kella was also excited about the walker

still jammin' out to the Wiggles

working on some fashion design

king of the world

actuallly playing together more often

karate promotions

new colored belts! Blue belts for Marcus and Cale, Orange belt for Ewan

not quite rolling over yet, but is very happy that she found her feet

And, that's all for now
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

4 month old Kinley

Kinley turned 4 months old at the end of the month. It's hard sometimes to see how big she's getting. We got out the baby walker the other day so she could sit up in it. As with anything, it keeps her occupied for about 5 minutes before she gets bored or feels trapped or whatever goes on in a baby head. 

At the doctor, Kinley weighed 16 pounds and half an ounce. She measures 25 inches long. I don't know what percentile that is or how it compares to Kella. Kinley is still wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. Her hair is getting longer, but it is still very fine. The hair loves to stick up all over her head and is a pretty, light shade of red.

Kinley hasn't disappointed us with sleeping. She sleeps all night now and will take around 3 naps a day. The naps are a little sketchy as far a length. And, Kinley would rather sleep being held. But, I will trade naps for a full night of sleep.

Her biggest quirk is that she still refuses to take a bottle. We've tried different bottles and formula and breast milk. No luck. Luckily, she really only misses one feeding on the nights that I work.

Kinley is still pretty wary of people other than me or Andy. She definitely loves mommy best of all and can tell when I'm in the room and not holding her, even if someone else is. She lets her "angry baby" personality come out in her non-relenting screaming. 

But, really, she's a very happy baby for us. She loves to watch the family action and can usually tolerate being toted along  to different events.  I love this time of her wanting to be held all time, because I know this will pass. Sweet baby K, happy four months!

Starting soon

This year, we let Marcus and Cale try out for travel basketball. It seems kind of stupid that elementary school kids have travel basketball team, but the boys like to play, and Cale loves the warm-up gear. Anyway, I figured it was a good chance to get to practice basketball again and hopefully have a good time. 

It sounds like the kids at least had a good time. Andy was able to get to the gym in time to see some of the action. I think there were 12 kids in the third grade group. Cale had a good time and played well. Well enough, that he made the travel team. He was pretty excited.I guess I wasn't too worried about Cale-he's always been one of the better players in his grade and last year the travel coach had asked about having Cale on his team. Looking at the roster this year, I'm not surprised by most of the names I see. What makes me sad is that they took ten kids (a nice, even number) out of the 12 that Andy sad tried-out. I feel bad when kids get left out, especially so few. I pray that their little hearts can handle this. I also pray that Cale can handle this graciously. He will be a proud boy after this, and I hope we can keep him grounded. I also hope that we can handle the schedule. But, since I can't control that, I'm not going to worry about it right now.

Marcus did okay with his try-outs. He also made the travel team. Eight of the none kids were chosen. Kind of a jerk move by the coach, unless that one kid just didn't want to commit to the time involved.

Because, let me tell you, Marcus had two practices last week (Friday and Saturday) and three upcoming this week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). We also have karate on Monday, cubscout a on Wednesday, karate with promotions on Thursday, a cubscout camp out on Friday and Butler homecoming on Saturday. Oh yeah, and I work Tuesday night and late Wednesday night and Andy is working his regular after school hours, too.

Nervous breakdown, here I come.