Saturday, April 13, 2013

first spring sports post

Today was the first soccer game for Marcus and Cale.  Luckily, the fields had dried out enough to have the games, although I know that everyone came home with damp shoes.  I worked Friday night, so Andy was brave enough to tough out the first game on his own with several cranky kids.  What a trooper.

It sounds like both boys did pretty well.  Andy was impressed with how well their footwork was for haven't played organized soccer since preschool times with the YMCA.  The boys had fun and that's the most important thing. 

Ewan is playing tee ball-the first time he's ever played that.  His first practice is Monday.  Pretty much, we have some type of organized activity every day.  Sports practice, games, scouts.  I think we are taking a break from karate until sports are done for the season.  It definitely makes for a busy week and sometimes I wish I had a clone to help with transportation to these different events.  But, I'm glad my kids are choosing to be busy and active.  As the season progresses, I'm sure I will have the chance to take pictures to post so everyone can see the kids in action.

Spring Break, part 2

The second part of our spring break trip was a visit to Grammy Linda and Grandpa Jerry. 
we did some trampoline jumping

and more

even Liam was big enough to jump

some jumping time with the cousins

we fixed the "TARDIS" (oh yes, we also watched some Doctor Who)

the men did some grilling

Liam found a new cuddle buddy in Aunt Kim

some more trampoline jumping-Marcus, Cale and Cassie

some cuddle time with Grandpa 
We spent a couple days there and then zipped back home Saturday morning so Cale could go celebrate a friend's birthday.  Andy took Marcus and Ewan along to the birthday fun, too, and they all ended up getting to play some laser tag.  A fun way to end a week off from school.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break 2013, part 1

We were able to go to Illinois to visit everyone during the boys' spring break last week.  We started out by driving to Grammy Pammy's.  I got to drive our "new" van and Andy was able to do homework the entire way there (like 5 hours).  Once there, the boys had fun playing with their cousins, playing basketball and playing on the rockpile.

kids on the rockpile-they thought it was very cool

eating with the cousisn

back to the rockpile

Andy took the boys on a hike.  Ewan swears he saw Bigfoot tracks.

Cale found a huge stick.

The boys did some tree climbing.

Some had a little help.

The weather was sunny, breezy and cool.  I think everyone enjoyed the trip and we didn't leave Grammy's house in shambles.  I can't wait to go back in the summer so the boys can play out there more and use Grammy house as a starting point for some fun in St. Louis.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

scenes from Easter

The Easter egg hunt
A girl in her Easter dress (with Marcus's puppet)
Andy's turn for a holiday photo with the kids.
The peeps cake for dessert.
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Midwest LTC

Over Easter weekend every year, our church helps coordinate a convention called Leadership Training for Christ.  I like to think of it as 4-H for church.  It's a convention where kids, ages 3rd grade and up through high school and participate in different events likes puppets, drama, singing, bulletin boards, arts, speaking, etc.  There are events kids can do ahead of time like Bible quiz, teaching, volunteer work.  Every year has a theme and they alternate between the Old and New Testament.  This year's theme was "the Extra Mile" and was based on the book of Matthew.  I love that it's a way to engage the kids and get them excited to learn about Jesus and the Bible.  This year, Marcus did puppets, Bible quiz and Bible bowl.

waiting for puppets to start

Marcus's puppet has the red hat.  The groups each write their own script based on whatever passage they want to choose from the book in the Bible that is being covered.  It gives them a lot of creative license. Marcus's group did a skit about not letting video games be the most important thing in your life.

Marcus also did Bible bowl.  He was on a team with 3 other kids from church and they did a good job!  I think Marcus got something like 70 of 100 points and some of those questions were tough!  I can say he had a fun time just being with the other kids.  I know he will be excited to participate next year.  And, next year, Cale gets to go, too. 
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Easter parade

Hello there!  I am trying to relearn how to blog and post  photos from the computer.  We got another computer (so I don't have to keep stalking Andy for the use of his computer) and I was able to finally download all my photos from my camera.  It's a work in progress, I can assure you of that.  But, that also means that I can attempt to get caught up on posts and pictures.

First up, Ewan's Easter parade.  The kindergarten classes make Easter hats and ties and have a parade around the school builing.  I think Ewan had fun decorating his.  Ewan really loves to color and create.  I also think he really liked that Andy came to watch and got to sign him out afterwards to bring him home from school a little early.

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