Wednesday, October 29, 2008

video highlights of the tea party

Here are some videos from Miss Spider's Tea Party. I thought I taped more, but I guess I didn't hit start on the camera :-)

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Our preschool had their annual insect themed party today. Last year, Marcus and Cale were grasshoppers. This year, I decided that Cale and Ewan would be bees. Super easy outfits-black clothes and yellow tape, and wings from the dollar store that we spray painted black (I've really stopped trying to outdo myself on these costumes). I think I spent a total of $10 on Cale's costume and 8$ on Ewan's (because I forgot to get him black pants). Here are picture highlights of today's festivities.

getting ready to go

snack time

bugs on parade (don't know where Ewan's wings went...)

perfomance time

Cale and classmates

Monday, October 27, 2008

When Grammy came to visit

Here's the one photo I took last time Grammy Pammy came to visit. I forget to take pictures, or when I want to, the camera isn't ready/with me. I thought this was cute since the boys were all piling on top of her :-)
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's another post for you Mom!

I received a complaint that I have not posted recently on the blog. Well, I've been a little busy with work and facebook is easier to mess with @ 3 am at work than posting on the blog. But, to make ammends, here are some pictures of the boys, recently taken.....

Cale with his new lightsaber

Ewan holding Larry the cucumber-one of his favorite toys

Marcus with his new lightsaber-we got these because Marcus was going to a Star Wars birthday party

Grammy Cici came to visit

My grandma and Aunt Claud came to visit a few Fridays ago. It was nice that the boys were not shy around them since I don't think they've seen grandma or Aunt Claud for at least a year. It was a nice visit and here are some photos...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ewan's 2 year old check up (finally)

Ewan got to go to the doctor yesterday for his 2yr old check up. He got 2 shots (a surprise to me!) but did fine. His current height and weight are: 30.6 pounds (75th %) and 34.75 inches (80th%).
And, since we all like to compare, @ this approximate age, Marcus was 33.75 pounds and 36 3/8 inches tall and Cale was 34.4 pounds and 35.5 inches tall.