Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday!-Cale is 9!

Cale celebrated his birthday last Friday.  9 years old!  I can't believe it.  Since Andy had a football game that night, we let Cale open his presents before school that morning.  He was pretty excited to get to see what his presents were.

Keeping the tradition alive, Cale got a new Wii remote (now each of the older boys has a new remote)

I love how excited Cale looks.  I know, he knows what this present is-the board game Ticket to Ride,  Cale specifically asked for this game after seeing it played at church.  Then, we came home and watched a youtube show of people playing the game (Tabletop).

Pretty sure Cale knew what this present was too.  Let's face it, the kid got presents he asked for.

A new set of wheels.  Ewan's face is funny in this picture and I can't remember why.  It had nothing to do with Cale and his presents though.

Oh yes, we playing Ticket to Ride after school before and after Marcus's basketball practice.

And, we had Chinese take-out, some of Cale's favorite food.

Saturday, we played some more Ticket to Ride, watched the Doctor Who 50th episode and had Cale's birthday cake.  We tried to make it look like a battlescape with some Halo people.

Pretty happy guy.

The birthday fun continued on Tuesday with lunch out with Andy after Cale's doctor's appointment.  They ate at Red Robin and I'm pretty sure Cale had two rootbeer floats.  A perfect meal for a boy that loves sugar.

What can we say about Cale?  He is a smart, smart boy.  And, he knows he's smart and he likes being one of the best in his class.  Cale loves board games.  He once said that he's "pretty much thinking about playing games every day".  Cale has some natural athletic talent.  He's pretty good at sports and I suspect would be better if he would practice.  Cale is musical.  He sang a little solo at his music program and sometimes, when the mood strikes, likes to teach himself on the piano.  He's a great brother to his siblings.  I know the younger ones look up to him.  What a blessing he is to our family!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Liam earned a new belt!

Liam's been participating in karate class now for about 6 weeks. He's so excited to go and wear his "karate shirt" and belt. He always wants to wear one of his brothers colored belts, but he has to wear a white one since he is a newbie. 

Last Monday, the sensei, Mr. Stout, advanced two other students to higher ranks. When they were done, Liam asked where his new by was. I told him that it wasn't time for a new belt for him. Well, Liam made the best sad face ever and looked like he was just going to burst I to tears. Mr. Stout saw Liam's face and said  that Liam had been working very hard and he could be advanced to a yellow-striped belt. Liam was so excited, he was jumping up and down and had a huge smile on his face. I love to we my boy happy and it was so kind of the sensei to notice and recognize the hard work that Liam has been doing. Liam was so happy that he wore his belt to bed that night and also for part of the next day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

another set of random pics that tells our story

Grammy Pammy came to visit at the beginning of the month.  She has a little fan club here.

Another attempt of me trying to get a picture with my girls.

Ewan just loves his sisters.  He loves getting his picture taken with them.  Not that it means the same for Kinley.

first snow of the year last Tuesday (11/12).  The boys were pretty excited and we had to drag out the snowpants, boots and accessories.  Liam came up to Andy and was so excited he was whispering "Dad, come look at this!" The snow stuck around on the ground that morning and was melted away by the sun.  It was a gentle reminder for me to take inventory of what snow supplies we will need for the kids this winter.
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first food

Kinley had her first rice cereal on 11/14 (last Thursday).  She's been watching us eat with some envy in her eyes for a while.  Although, I'm not too sure if the rice cereal met up with her expectations.  Right now, if we're on our A game, Kinley is getting rice cereal at one meal.  I have to admit, Andy is the one taking the initiative on feeding Kinley.  He's really good about feeding her.  It's a start.  I'm sure Kinley will be more excited about food when we move onto more fun things like fruits and veggies.
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Cale's music program

The first music program of the year was Cale's3rd grade music program from last night.  Me. 4 kids (Marcus had basketball). Standing room only. Hot gym.  Everything you'd imagine a music program to be.  Andy met us there and helped videotape the performance.  Cale was excited and a little nervous I think, because he not only had a speaking line, but he sang a solo as well.  He was one of the two kids that sang a solo and there was another group of 4 girls that sang together.  Cale did a great job!  His tone was clear and on pitch.  He was easy to understand.  The parents that know him from playing basketball were very impressed by Cale's singing abilities.  And, Cale was a proud little boy for doing such a good job.

doing his speaking line

singing in front of the group
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Butler fun!-homecoming 2013

Our annual tradition-Butler Homecoming!  We did this probably about 3 weeks ago.  Just trying to catch up. Andy and I do love getting to take the kids every year and Butler is a great venue to watch a football game.  The kids can move around a lot and Ewan almost ran out onto the field during the game as he was running up and down a hill and no one batted an eye.  So, we packed up the van and forgot our sunscreen and made our way down to Indy.

Ewan got to say "Hi" to the Butler bulldog mascot.  I think he really looks forward to this. 

Kella's got her shades on.

Kinley's first football game!

Yes, they got a snack-popcorn.

Kinley with Daddy.

I really wanted to get all the kids in a picture together, but of course, there was one that didn't want to cooperate (see the left side of photo). *sigh*

Well, we tried.  And a kind lady walking by offered to take our entire family picture.  We said "no thanks".

The best we could do.  Wonder if there are any future Bulldogs in this photo?

Kella got her way and got her picture taken riding the little dog.  Thank goodness.  This is what she wanted to begin with.

A great trip!  The kids did great and we managed to see most of the game.  Cale got to buy himself a little ball.  (He loves souveneirs.) We walked around Hinkle Fieldhouse.  We will be back for a basketball game this winter :-).
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Kinley turned 5 months old on Halloween!

Sweet baby K is five months old now! (And I am still trying to get out her 3 1/2 month pictures!) *sigh.  This is a fun time with her as she starts to discover more things around her and more things she can do.  In the past month.....
•like to sit in her walker-she can grab at the toys and bring them to her mouth
•would rather just chew on your fingers than hers
•is still sleeping through the night-but right now she's been waking up around 5am to eat and go back to sleep. What wakes her up? Hunger? Is she cold? Not sure. At least she's not awake and ready to play.
•still eats on demand, every 3 hours, I think
•still hates when someone, ie "not mom", is holding her. Oh, she gets so mad so fast!
•likes watching all the activity/drama that living in a house with 5 siblings provides
•loves her bath time. When she's tired, it's cute to watch her try to drift off to sleep in the tub.
•first Halloween! I kept her home. It was awful chilly out. She wore a little outfit with owls on it, but no actual costume.
•can kind of sit up on her own in a tri-pod position. Has rolled over onto her back once. It scared her a little bit.
I guess in the next month, we'll start food. Anyone's guess as to how that will go. Kinley is so sweet, though, and usually a happy baby. Her little personality is fun to watch come out as she interacts with us and her siblings. Looking forward to the holidays with her!
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Halloween came a day late this year

Rain, cold and steady, forced our town to move trick or treating to November 1st.  I thought that would be a problem for me since I was scheduled to work the night of the 1st. No problem though, my back was horrible and I could barely walk. I got to stay home and supervise candy handout. Thank goodness grammy was here. Grammy Pammy was the lucky soul that got to take this fearsome lot around the neighborhood. Ewan, Liam and Kella were done after a few streets. It was chilly out. But, Cale stayed strong and Grammy took him around to more houses. Then, everyone got high on sugar and watched Ghostbusters. A good Halloween!
Let's see. We have Liam the explorer, Kella batgirl, Harry Ewan Potter and scary death Cale. Then everyone had to pose for their own picture. (See below)
Kinley and mommy! Marcus stayed home with me and handed out candy. The extra help was nice and he didn't feel like dressing up.
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