Thursday, December 10, 2015

the girlies' preschool pics

Preschool picture day was in November.  Dressing the girls is definitely more of a challenge than the boys, especially now, since Kella is Very Opinionated about what she wears.   Kella picked out her dress (a size 3T that she still fits into) after we devastated her by saying she could not wear her Elsa costume for picture day (any other day, yes, she wears Elsa, just not picture day).  She loves those pink, sparkly shoes and topped it off by putting a bow in her hair.  What style!  Trust me, she was the fanciest girl in her class.

Kinley did a great job!  She wanted to wear a princess costume, too, but had to be satisfied with this.  She was happy to wear her pink shoes, just like big sis.  I was thrilled to see that she smiled for the camera.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

These boys.....

I had to take a picture of Cale and Marcus each the other day.  Cale because he was dressed up for his Biztown interview at school and Marcus because he was sporting his new basketball warm-ups.  
Please excuse the hole in the wall.  That is Andy's next project once he is done with my closet reno-which is in progress!  Cale sprung the need to dress up for school the night before at 6pm.  I was not inclined to go shopping for interview duds.  Lucky for us, Marcus's concert band-wear from last year kind-of fit.  (which means that Marcus needs new clothes for his concert on Sunday *sigh)

Sporting the basketball warm-ups.  Marcus was excited to get these to wear to school on game days. 

And, isn't fun that both the boys look like they don't have hands in these photos?

Friday, December 4, 2015

A few Saturdays past we learned to use our sewing machine

Grammy Pammy came to visit and taught us how to use my birthday/Christmas present sewing machine.  Really, she came to see the kids, but I like to think she was excited to give a hands-on lesson in sewing machine operating.
I started out with doing some pillow forms with fabric that I bought pre-cut since I needed practice sewing in straight lines.  I think I got the hang of it.  Then, the boys heard the sewing noise and came to investigate.  Everyone wanted a turn helping sew.  We ended up making 2 pillows and 2 rice heating pads.  We even had enough rice in the pantry to fill one of the heat pads.

These colors are cute.  Now I need to get some filling for them.  And, more fabric.  I'm thinking I could replace all my couch throw pillows with these.

Kella spend her time during the sewing lessons by creating a habitat for her frog.

Liam got a turn, too.

Marcus, modeling the heat pack. The pack heated up nicely in the microwave.  Guess what the kids fought over the rest of the day/night?  Right.

Glasses selfie.

Probably the sweetest thing I heard one of my kids say (Cale), was that he thought his teacher would really like one for Christmas.  Of course, we will be making more heat packs.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

just a flashback to October

Here are some gems from the girls' preschool Miss Spider's Tea Party.  This year, both the girls wore pink skirts, black shirts and pink wings.  No too creative, but easy.  I think this is our 10th or 11th year for this and my creativity is waning.  Also, I forgot my camera, so I guess my motivation is waning, too.  

Kinley, front and center.  She did not want to stand in the back.  You go girl!  She knew all the songs.

Lot's of little bugs.  Kella is behind the ladybug on your right.

Post show pic with my ladies.

The best I could get of my little, pink butterflies.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let's celebrate Cale some more

Andy took Kella to preschool this morning, which leaves Kinley and I snuggling on the couch,watching PBS.  Kinley has  preschool, too, and in a little bit, we will start getting ready.  But for now, let's look at more pictures.

The kids (boys) like it when their presents are hidden and we (Andy) make up riddles for them to solve to find the presents.  Andy didn't disappoint this year.  Cale has a clipboard with a full list of riddles to solve.  

On to the opening.

Silly boy.  He was happy to get a phone.  

This game has been on his wish list for a long time.

A new blanket.  Dr. Who.  That's right.  Cale loves it.  He loves soft things.

Cake!  Of course Cale would pick a cake whose first step includes melting butter, brown sugar and cream together.  It's called a chocolate praline cake.  Pretty good.

Kella serenaded us with a song.

Then, we play.  The day wouldn't have been complete for Cale if we hadn't played his new game.  For a final present, Cale won.  Beginners luck, I say.

Andy had to hold his "baby" Cale.

I just needed to squish him next to me.