Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let's hear from 5 year old Kella!

Kella's answers to thought provoking questions....
What is your....

favorite color? pink

favorite toy? My Little Ponies

favorite thing to sleep with?  blanket

favorite fruit? grapes

favorite cereal?  cheerios (probably Honey-Nut)

favorite thing to eat for lunch? pizza

favorite dessert? cupcakes

favorite drink? lemonade

favorite animal? flamingo

favorite book?  Kinley's Minnie Mouse book

favorite song?  Let It Go

favorite game?  Life (has she done more than just play with the pieces-no)

favorite T.V. show? Paw Patrol

favorite movie? Frozen

favorite thing to do outside? sliding

Who is your best friend? Emma

What do you want to be when you grow up? veterinarian 

How fun.  Kella is such a sweet girlie.  Here are her answers from last year to see if she's changed any of her answers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's hear from 3 year old Kinley

In an effort to keep tradition alive, I have Kinley's "answers" to her 3 year old questions  The same questions I am trying to fill out every year.  No lie, I am behind.  Do you know how hard it is to find quiet computer time?  But, find some I did, and now we can have Kinley's answers to these thought provoking questions....(some of these Kinley answered and some of them I filled in for her)

What is your.....

favorite color? pink

favorite toy?  Cale (Kinley answered this one)

favorite stuffed animal?  Larry and Sweet Pea (Veggietale toys)

favorite fruit?  bananas/apples

favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  bacon

favorite thing to eat for lunch?  peanut butter sandwich cut into a heart shape

favorite dessert? cake

favorite drink? milk (in her old, pink sippie cup)

favorite book?  lift-the-flap books

favorite song? anything from Frozen

favorite TV show?  Paw Patrol

favorite DVD/movie? Princess and the Pop Star

favorite thing to do outside? jump on the trampoline

best friend? Allie 

Here are her "answers" from last year to see how much, or how little things have changed.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer's starting

School's out.  Has been for over a week.  Our house is full of playing outside and staying up late.  Cale had a week of band camp where he got to get jump start on learning to play his french horn.

Marcus had some basketball open gym times and 4 days of a basketball camp.  Needless to say, there was a lot of driving back and forth to the schools.  

Now, we are in the throes of getting ready for our vacation.  Gulf Shores baby.


This will be our most ambitious trip yet since it is the farthest trip we've planned and we are doing some tent camping.

For fun, 
here is Cale, showing off his awards from the end of school:  A honor roll-4th quarter, A/B honor roll for the year, Husky ROCKS winner and perfect attendance (I'm always surprised when I find out that one of my kids has gone to school every school day.)

Ewan got a reading award for reading 100 books and he also won the Husky ROCKS award for his class.  He was so excited to be chosen.  Ewan was another one who really had a great teacher this year and enjoyed being in her class.

 Started off the summer vacation with building some rockets that Cale got for Christmas. A boy's dream.

I posted a video of the launch that ended up being partly sideways.  The rocket took off great and totally drifted onto somebody's roof.  Efforts were made to retrieve the rocket, but it was just out of reach.  We kept an eye on it to see if it would eventually drift to the ground, but as of right now, the rocket is MIA and we theorize it has actually settled in that house's gutter.  No worries.  We have more rockets.  And more days of summer.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

17 years for us!

May 22, 1999

17 years

6 kids

3 dogs

5 cats

multiple fish

4 addresses

8+ cars

10+ jobs

love, laughter, family


Thursday, June 9, 2016

the perfect fit

Cale just got done with his best. year. ever.  He was placed in Mr. Walsh's homeroom-the class for high achievers.  From the beginning, he was challenged and pushed to work collaboratively and independently.  Cale thrived in this environment.  He loved every moment in this class and he loved (loves) Mr. Walsh.  So, what a great honor for Cale when he was recognized as the boy Husky ROCKS (Respect, Organization, Co-operation, Kindness) winner for his class.  I was a proud mama, for sure.  And, Cale was an elated boy.  And, a kind parent snapped this picture for me and I love seeing the smiles on everyone's faces.  Perfection.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

birthday pics of the girlies' birthdays

The girls had a lovely little birthday.  We celebrated them both on Kella's birthday because I think it would have been miserable for everyone if Kinley had to sit and watch Kella open presents.  It worked out great, since it was the Sunday of Memorial day weekend.

pre-birthday pic of the girlies-sitting together and getting along

the cakes! Kinley had a cake with yellow frosting and some little Minions on it. She loves those little dudes.

Kella had a rainbow cake with some My Little Ponies.  She also dressed up in her green Elsa dress.  Lookin' fancy.

This girl liked being sung to.  She knew it was special.

With just 3 extra kids, its a full-blown party!

Of course, they loved opening their presents.

This is what 2 birthdays worth of cards looks like.

Hey cowgirl-Kella picked out this outfit with a gift card from Uncle Jim, Aunt Courtney and the boys.

She got a scooter from us.  Now she can scoot around with the best of them.

So fun!  The girls had a great day.  We love the joy they bring to our family.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Everyone's last day of school!

We are at the beginning of our summer break.  The ladies finished preschool a few weeks ago and the boys just finished up on Thursday the 2nd.  What can I say?  The kids all had amazing teachers that they loved.  What a blessing it is to have teachers who love our kids.

Good-bye Pre-K and Bumblebee classes!  Hello Kindergarten and Jumpstart!

Goodbye 7th, 5th, 3rd and 1st grade!  Hello 8th, 6th, 4th and 2nd grade!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Celebrating our girls-Kella is 5 and Kinley is 3

Kella Elizabeth is 5!

Kinley Esther is 3!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cale launches his rocket

The weather was perfect tonight for Cale to build and launch one of his rockets that he got for Christmas.  The whole family came to watch, which made it a procession in itself.  A fun way to kick off the start of summer vacation.