Friday, May 29, 2015

Let's hear from Kella!

Kella is 4 years old today!  In the interest to keep a tradition going, I asked Kella the same questions I asked her last year.  I found these printables on Pinterest, and just printed them off for this year.  We will have to catch up with Liam's later.  For now, ....

What is......
your favorite color?  "pink, blue and purple"

your favorite toy?  "giraffe and Elsa and bears"

your favorite stuffed animal?  "giraffe and bears"

your favorite thing to sleep with?  "giraffe and bears"  (I would also like to add blankie to that list-the girl is working on loving it to pieces and doesn't want to sleep without it)

your favorite fruit? "grapes"

your favorite cereal? "oatmeal"

your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? "circles" (which means cheerios)

your favorite thing to eat for lunch? "chicken wings"

your favorite dessert? "brownies"

you favorite drink? "water"

What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?  "Elsa cake and chicken wings"

What is.....
your favorite animal? "giraffe"

your favorite book? "My Little Ponies"

your favorite song?  "Let It Go"

your favorite game? "my matching game from preschool" (a pirate memory game)

your favorite t.v. show? "Mickey Mouse"

your favorite movie? "Frozen"

your favorite thing to do outside? "swing and play"

your best friend? "Emma"

What do you want to be when you grow up? "Elsa"

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