Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let's hear from Kinley!

Okay.  Almost caught up on all the birthday stuff, but we don't want to forget our new two year old.  She doesn't talk much, so the questions have been answered by her siblings, who know Kinley pretty well.

What is your....

favorite color?  purple (from Kella)

favorite toy?  Sweet Pea and Larry-two Veggie Tale characters

favorite stuffed animal?  (see above)

favorite thing to sleep with?  blankie

favorite fruit?  apples and bananas, strawberries (from Kella)

favorite cereal?  cheerios (from Kella)

favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  toast with jam

favorite thing to eat for lunch? pizza (from Kella)

favorite dessert?  brownies (from Kella)

favorite drink? milk-now in a bottle with a sippy cup lid-not just a regular bottle

favorite dinner?  pizza (from Kella)

favorite animal?  ponies (from Kella), frogs (from Ewan), I say dogs-Kinley gets pretty excited every time she sees one

favorite book?  How Many Veggies

favorite song?  Rock-a-bye-baby, Let It Go

favorite game?  pat-a-cake

favorite tv show?  Veggie Tales-Sweet Pea Beauty, Where's God When I'm Scared

favorite movie?  Frozen

favorite thing to do outside?  bounce on the trampoline

best friend?  maybe Allie

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a teddy bear (from Kella)

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