Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's hear from 3 year old Kinley

In an effort to keep tradition alive, I have Kinley's "answers" to her 3 year old questions  The same questions I am trying to fill out every year.  No lie, I am behind.  Do you know how hard it is to find quiet computer time?  But, find some I did, and now we can have Kinley's answers to these thought provoking questions....(some of these Kinley answered and some of them I filled in for her)

What is your.....

favorite color? pink

favorite toy?  Cale (Kinley answered this one)

favorite stuffed animal?  Larry and Sweet Pea (Veggietale toys)

favorite fruit?  bananas/apples

favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  bacon

favorite thing to eat for lunch?  peanut butter sandwich cut into a heart shape

favorite dessert? cake

favorite drink? milk (in her old, pink sippie cup)

favorite book?  lift-the-flap books

favorite song? anything from Frozen

favorite TV show?  Paw Patrol

favorite DVD/movie? Princess and the Pop Star

favorite thing to do outside? jump on the trampoline

best friend? Allie 

Here are her "answers" from last year to see how much, or how little things have changed.

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