Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's hear from Kella!

Kella.  She does what she wants, when she wants.  And, what she did not want to do was answer these questions, even a little.  So, I answered for her based on various conversations we've had.  Here goes...

Favorite colors: purple and pink
Favorite toy:  stuffed animals
Favorite thing to sleep with: blankie
Favorite fruit: banana
Favorite cereal:  anything with marshmallows or honey nut chex with extra honey on top
Favorite dessert: ice cream
Favorite drink: lemonade, Mommy's diet coke
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite books: currently Big Max, Clark the Shark
Favorite tv show: Dora the Explorer
Favorite thing to do outside: swing
Best Friend: Emma

Currently, Kella is changing her mind about what she wants to be for Halloween. So far, she has wanted to be a mermaid, a fairy and a butterfly.  I'm thinking some pretty wings are in her future.

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