Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So, June, a collection of photos

The first month of summer break is in the books.  By now, we are half-way through our time off from school.  No one is complaining about the lack of bedtimes.  Want to watch a movie at 10pm?  I'll make the popcorn.  

We did lots of stuff.  Here's some pics of what we did so you all can keep up.

Soccer finally ended for Ewan and Cale with a league tourney.  Both their teams made it to the final game and both teams lost and were the runner-up.  What a great season for both.  I love that Ewan's team was coached by an excited 20 year old who had a little brother or cousin on the team.  I also loved that the assistant coach who sometimes ran practice did not speak English and a couple of the kids on the team had to interpret for him.  

Cale's team played hard and lost their final game in double sudden death overtime.  Too exciting to watch.

Where are we going?  I don't know, but the girls are dressed, hair done, looking good with their little animal side-kicks.

There was a week where I took the 3 smalls to a different park each afternoon while the big boys had basketball.  They needed to get out of the house.

Also, some failed geocaching happened.

We came back to karate like the prodigal son.  

Kella did a basketball camp, too.

Full dress rehearsals for dance.

Behind the dancing scene.

This boy still cuddled with me.

More dress rehearsal fun.

Kinley and her backstage mom.

Another park day, this time with friends.

Got to watch some DCI groups with these two, before the storms rolled in and we all made for the shelter of our cars.

Painted some kindness rocks.

Rock by Marcus, plate by Kella.

Sent these boys off to Cub Scout camp.

Spend some time at the pool.

Sent Marcus off to the first of 3 camps he would be attending within 2 weeks.  First basketball, then Boy Scouts and finally soccer.

And, that's that.

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