Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy birthday Kinley! 4 years old!

We celebrated Kinley's birthday on Kella's birthday.  Let's face it-almost 4 year old Kinley was not going to wait till her actual birthday to open her presents.  I'm sure there will be some point in the future where we won't have the girls' birthdays together, but I have a feeling it will not be anytime soon.  2 extra days is a long time in to wait in a little person's life.  
Here's  my littlest birthday girl-ready to have some fun.

Also, for her birthday week, Kinley ended up on breathing treatments again.  Our very favorite doctor is keeping track of these events. Totaling them up for some time in the future when we may have to do more.  But, not today.  And, when we went to see out doctor at the end of the week for a check-up, turns out that Kinley had an ear infection, too.  Kinley took her antibiotic like a champ after a heart-to-heart with our favorite doctor.

Birthday party day.
Opening presents.  Kinley is still at that age where she will open one presents and want to play with it before considering opening up another presents.  Definitely makes that special, fun time last longer.

And, the cake.
Kinley and her Mickey Mouse cake decorated by Grammy Pammy.  First, Kinley wanted a unicorn cake.  Pinterest and I had some great ideas for the design until we went to the craft store and saw this cake pan.  Change of plans.  And, the cake looks amazing.

The aftermath.
The birthday girl, snuggling with some of her presents.  

The real birthday.
And, a picture on her actual birthday.  

Kinley's pics with her Mommy and Daddy are to be continued....sixth kid, you know.

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