Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy birthday Kella! 6 years old!

Kella turned 6 on Memorial Day.  She had been looking forward to this day for the entire month of May-like Christmas.  We had a lovely party for her on her special day.
Kella, our resident artist, painted this-two of her favorite things-a flamingo and the number 6.

Ready to have a great party.

Thanks to Daddy, who did the decorations.  He also hid the presents so Kella could find them by using simple clues. The boys do this, so she wanted her turn.

Oh, yeah, something she wanted, a hatchimal-actually, she got everything on her birthday list. It was so cute to see her write it out with her kindergarten handwriting and spelling and hang the list on the fridge.

And, clip-on earrings.  She was so excited to put some on right away.  And, there are tons of super-cute clip-ons to choose from.  Kella got puppy, kitty, unicorn, gummy bear and assorted sweet treat earrings.

Trying to figure out the hatchimal egg.  Not necessarily for impatient birthday girls.

A flamingo scene for her cake.  It's what Kella wanted.  Strawberry cake with strawberry icing and 6 flamingos for the top. 

Happy birthday, sweet Kella!

She had her best friend, Emma, over for her birthday.  Probably the best present.

After-party glow.  Tucked into the rocking chair with some of her presents.

Here is Kella's birthday list.  Happy to say, she got everything on the list.  (1. hatchimal 2. movie 3. chain (key chain for backpack) 4. candy 5. another chain 6. more candy 7. puppy 8. cat (both stuffed toys, of course) and 9. pool (we did get a kiddie pool to play in))

Kella made a mailbox for her birthday cards.  Clever, creative girl.

Picture with Daddy.

Picture with Mommy.

And, one more.

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