Thursday, April 20, 2017

Going north, part II

Part 2 of our spring break trip was an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells.  We were looking forward to the trip since none of us had ever been there before.  It was only an hour north of where we were, so we didn't have to wait too long for fun.  First stop, lunch.
We thought it would be nice to eat at more of a sit-down restaurant that was not the golden arches.  For the price we paid, we should have classed it up a bit more.  Or just settled for fast food and spend way less.  Also, Kinley treated everyone to one of her famous meltdowns.  You know, since we were out in public.

We got a 2 bedroom condo for the night.  The kids loved the space.  Ewan brought along his "Preposition Peter" person (a spring break homework assignment) out for some photos.

We did the water park for a bit and the took a break for dinner.  Clearly, Kinley was done for the day.  After dinner, Andy and the boys went back to the water park.  Kella and I hung out and watched Netflix.

Love this picture-go family!  We are superheroes!

Making our way over to the water park.  There were lots of cool wooden furniture along the way.

Be impressed that I took a total of 3 pictures in the water park itself.  This slide was part of a little area that the girls played in most of the time.  

Ewan and his Prep-Peter guy in front of one of the many slides that the boys went down multiple times.

Gotta have a pic in front of the cool lobby display.

It was a good time-the perfect trip for us for spring break.  We went during the middle of the week, so the resort was not crowded and the kids did not have to wait in line very long for any of the slides.  The condo was a great choice for us and if I would have planned better, I could have actually cooked dinner for us instead of ordering pizza (no complaints from anyone, though).  I think we'll be back, hopefully with some cousins in tow next time.

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